Lets all wish Mabat a happy 1000 posts!

Go ahead, ask him somthing.

I’ll wait until HE asks for questions.

But Happy 1000, anyway. (How much is that if you add the pre-worm account, Mab?)

Mabat did Charle ask you if he could start this thread?






In fact, he reminded me that last time he got to 1000 or somthing, he said he didnt want a thread. But I made one for him anyway. Its kind of tradition now.

He might shoot you now, or make you his slave.

Maba, why do bad things happen to good people?


Why ‘Mabatsekker’ anyway?

Okay, Okay, Ask Away.

Wil: About 2,800 or something.

How did you come across RPGC?

Who here to you feel is the most like you?

Do you like Girl Scout Cookies?

What happens if you put a memory card filled with FF7 master files into the microwave? My brother said a long time ago that Cloud, Tifa, and Sephiroth would come out of the microwave is that true?

Pepsi or Coke? Favorite color? First memory? What are some of your regrets? Whats under your bed? Whats in your closet? Do you believe in Santa? Favorite holiday? Favorite season? Collect anything? Whats your real name? mwuhahah just your first name no im not a stalker! uh maybe i’ll think of more later ^ _ ^

Originally posted by GunsmokeMist
Whats under your bed? Whats in your closet?

I’ll be disappointed if these don’t get answered with “Catgirls” and “More catgirls”.

And so would I.

I’d have to raid those places…

Could you change your name to MadHatS3x0r for a few days? :smiley:

Will you bear my child? Please? ^.^

What is your REAL name? I think you mentioned it before, but I don’t remember.

(Note: you don’t have to answer that if you prefer to continue being anonymous.)

Originally posted by StarStorm
I’d have to raid those places…

Careful what you say SS…Weiila might get mad…:mwahaha:

Where the name Mabatsekker came from?

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate?
What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
Yes or No?

Congrats then… Question: Moogle or Chocobo?