Let's all swap blood. For science!

Attention fellow RPGCers! I have a theory which, if correct, will revolutionize our very lives! You see, I have found (through painstaking research) that the majority of information related to video gaming is stored in the blood, not in the brain, as was previously thought. And I had a thought: Why not combine the blood of the world’s best gamers to change them into “Super Gamers?”

The theory is that combining the blood of these “first tier” gamers will create more powerful, more twitchy, more manic gamers! These will be called “second tier” gamers. For each additional person whose blood is combined, another “tier” is created! I have no idea what the highest tier is, but I speculate it is somewhere between 100 and 1000000.

This is where you come in! You brave “first tier” gamers who wish to donate your blood to my project, stand up and have your voices heard! We can meet on February 35, 2011, in my laboratory in Alaska. I still have to submit a proposal, you see, and this will take time! They call me mad, but I’ll show them! Come! For science!

Current donors:
Drop Bear
Cless Alvein?
Seraphim Ephyon

(Note: You must pass a drug test to be accepted into the project.)
(Note: A question mark means I am not sure you actually signed up. Please clarify.)

Why this is a fantastic idea. Sign me up.

I concur wholeheartedly.

Ah! Two brave souls have already stepped up! I see you have an interest in my little project! Good! Good! We still need many more, however! At least 98!

Edit: Those who have signed up, as a note to me (I have an awful memory) would you be so kind as to put “Blood Donor/1st Tier Gamer” in your forum signatures? Thanks in advance.

wtf skillz > tier fgt

Rhaka: You simple fool! you’re one of those who would call me mad, aren’t you? These so-called “skillz” are contained in your blood, you see! By merging the blood of gamers, I can merge their “skillz” as well! It is the very point of the project!

Pft, ur a fgt luzer my cable pwns ur dan

I have come to pollute the blood! I lack any gaming skills at all! I WILL RUIN YOUR PROJECT!

Will there be any lesbianism envolved?

If so I’m in!

The question is not if it will be involved, but how much it will be involved.

No, no. You will not ruin the blood! If you try and sabotage my project, I will feed you to the 17-headed dogs! As for the lesbianism, I DO get a few porno channels in the lab, so you all can enjoy that!

Phew… That’s extreme stuff, Paladin, but we’ll leave amateur eugenics for a moment and ask our other posters.

Oh, what the hell…why not?

Count me in. We can work on making the lesbians come out of the tv set.After all we have all of that lab equiptment.

I’m sure my showing off of my all-around-awesomeness-in-all-things-video-game-degree to be in order.

Hmm! I hadn’t expected any grrl gamers to sign up for this project! That shouldn’t cause any problems… I am not to be held liable for any sexual harassment, however. Even by me. Ahem… anyway! I should compose a list of those brave souls who have signed up! It will be… in the first post!


Sign me up, yo.

Looks like there will be bad blood between us :ma<b></b>ho:

Oh, no no. There are extensive tests prformed on each sample to detect any impurities. Anyone with impure blood will be expelled from the project. It all works out, you see!

Looks like we will be drinking some Bloody Marys :ma<b></b>ho: