Let the double entendres begin!

You just KNOW that the journalist had a little too much fun writing that article.

(…)a rundown vehicle strewn with empty chip bags and ketchup bottles(…)

At this point I started considering, ew, they must be really fat and really ugly if they live solely on this. These things do horrors to your body, you know.

(…)Police received a tip last week that the women were offering extras at the stand, adorned with giant signs reading “Hot Dogs” and “We Are Open.”(…)

And now my hypothesis is proved right. They put in signs that they are dogs. The ‘open’ there is vulgar, which makes me think they are dirty and thus even uglier.

And Hempstead? I wonder why the city has that name.

“Your mom sells hotdogs!”


Dot dot dot …

Hempstead… my girlfriend used to go to college there (Hofstra), unfortunately. She said that Hofstra was an oasis in the middle of a desert in that Hempstead was a fucking scary town and Hofstra was pretty. The thing is that Hofstra was full of pretentious assholes who called her accent “cute” because she’s from the central (no, she doesn’t own a cow, she doesn’t sleep with her sibling… she isn’t THAT far upstate) part of NY state. Fucking Long Islanders. (:-P)

Also… I hope they didn’t add ketchup. Ewww.

“Before I met you and your meat produce, I was once a weak man.”

“Once a Week is enough for any body!” One of Carry Ons. Nutter’s Do your joke’s get more worse?

Wurst? It’s a saugage!

Big Nutter & 2k
Thats Nutter jokes off the top of the head, about sex and Saugages…

The hot dogs were hot dogs?