Let me take this time.

To thank trillian publicly for just how fucking kickass she is at drawing.

She drew it just as I had imagined it. Thanks a lot Trillian :slight_smile:

Trillian is indeed the artist of the year. Make me never want to touch a pencil for as long as I live.

…I… give… up…

admits defeat forever, even though the original purpose wasn’t that- then again, I never was that confident…

Holy fuck.

That’s all there is to say.

O_O Holy living shitballs that’s nice.

Damn. Now I am sad because I cannot draw. jams a pencil through his throat

…Holy crap.

WHat the hell is it?

Holy crap…

Trillian, you rule.

That’s just awesome.

Originally posted by Pierson
WHat the hell is it?

Something stuck in my mind for the longest time :stuck_out_tongue:

Trillian should be an M:TG card illustrator! That thing looks great!

Originally posted by Steve
Something stuck in my mind for the longest time :stuck_out_tongue:

Then your mind rocks. That’s one scary MoFo.:eek:

Heh. if I put my mind to it, I can think up some pretty freakin gruesome stuff.

I believe it. 0_o It reminds me of those Goat Demons from DMC2, or the artwork Silent Hill 1 had.

Trillian IS a kickass artist. I still have that Online Life wallpaper saved. :slight_smile:

Oline Life? Is it another Trill masterpiece?


No, Online Life is Spoonybards web comic that has several RPGC personalities in it. The OL forums are hosted on the RPGC server, as is the actual webcomic (I think).

Go read it Pierson, you’ll be happy you did :slight_smile:

And incidentally, I’m having Trillian do the cutscenes for the game version of my comic.

Reads Ooooh.

And there’s gonna be a game version of your comic? Sweet. I’ll read it, as soon as the damn browser shows me the pictures. Hammers F5 and ‘Show Picture’ Work damnit!