Lesson for today: How not to make a getaway.

Now, I dunno about you, but it’s generally accepted wisdom in the criminal underworld, that if you’re going to make a getaway…

It’s probably a very good idea to know how to operate your getaway vehicle.


Second article:

They deserve a paddling

OSLO, Norway - The two Norwegians thought they had the perfect escape vehicle for their heist — a rowboat. They overlooked one thing: Neither knew how to row a boat.

Police said Thursday the men had broken into an ambulance boat near the small western town of Askvoll, and likely were looking for drugs or cash.

The boat’s burglar alarm alerted the ambulance crew members, who quickly arrived and saw the two men trying to flee in the small rowboat just before midnight Wednesday.

Their paddling attempts were hopeless, police said.

“They didn’t have much of a chance,” Deputy Sheriff Arnt Johnny Langeland said on the state radio network NRK. “They were rowing in opposite directions.”

The ambulance boat then gave chase, turning its powerful spotlights on the pair rowing in tiny circles. A local ferry joined the slow-speed pursuit, beaming its spotlights on the rowboat as well.

The two men managed to get their rowboat to land, where they immediately were taken into police custody. They would likely face charges of breaking and entering, as well as theft, Langeland said, but he did not say if the two had managed to steal anything.

lol thats funny, id never think of that. Wow, people do crazy things for drugs.

Crimals with no brains are the funniest. They should mass produce.

That… is just mind-boggling stupidity… Then again, I read an article in a Reader’s Digest about the World’s Stupidest Criminals… One stood outside a bank with his mask on and waited for it to open. Then waited his turn in line to reach the teller before trying to rob it. He was promptly tackled by the other people in line… :fungah:

i heard a better one, a man who robbed the bank made a deposit before he robbed it and came back and deposited the money he had just stollen.

They are stupid.

The smart ones don’t get caught.

Ah, beautiful Norway.

Human stupidity will never cease to amaze me…

dehe…urrrrr I would like to make a deposit. okay now give me all your money.Gets away clean… comes back later. Id like to make a deposit of 200 thousand$…yeah…

I read one of a guy who went into a 7-eleven, sent a twenty dollar bill on the table, robbed the place and got away. The only problem is that 7-elevens only hold a max of 15 bucks after nine, and the safes are time locked. So he paid five bucks to rob it.