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I’m currently enrolled in my High School’s psychology class. We’re going over the effects of spanking on children.
My personal philosophy on such a thing: Do it only when you’re not angry, and do it rarely. Doing it too much could be seen as abusive, but a good swat to the ass when a kid does something, and knows you’re doing it for disciplinary reasons, is a lot better than plain time out; however, time out is effective in slight cases when discipline is needed. Major problems = Swat on the ass with a firm confirmation to not do something like that. Minor problems = Time out, taking away of priviledges, other non-physical punishments.
What is your take on it?

As a camp counselor, I can tell you right now there are a lot of non physical punishment we instill on kids that don’t behave. Picking up trash, going to bed early, making them clean the cabin… it all works pretty good.

I agree for the most part. If your angry when you spank them they associate anger with hurt and will either
a) hurt someone when there angry.
b) Learn that anger is a bad thing and only bad people are angry.

If you do it to often the kid won’t associate that punishment with really bad behavior, but if you do it rarely for major offenses they most likely won’t disobey.

I agree with both Steve and Sorc.

Damn I used to get the crap kicked out of me as a child and I turned out pretty good because of it. I dont drink, dont smoke, dont do drugs, never been in trouble with the law, never skipped school, etc…

I would get spanked with belts (Not the buckle, thats just fucked up), wooden spoons and “switches”. Those were the worst, my dad would wait till I took a shower and then spank me with a stick from the yard (A switch). Right after a shower your skin is all soft and that shit HURT.

I personally think spanking is a good thing if done when the kid deserves it. Like i said, I got my ass whiped alot and I turned out pretty good.

I got spanked when I did stupid shit when I was a kid. I don’t see anything wrong with it, as long as you don’t over do it or anything.

I got spanked when I was a kid. Hrt liek hell, and I turned out normal enough.

Not a WORD out of any of you.

makes a not not to spank my kids or they’ll turn out like Val

Psychological torture is MUCH MORE FUN to administer than a little spanking.

Well, from personal observation, a young kid who’s really misbehaving should have some sort of discipline…and time out for that sort of thing has NO effect.
This isn’t to say they should get their butts swatted for every little thing they don’t do right, or be slapped hard enough to be bruised…this isn’t the 1900s. If I did stuff that my younger cousins get away with now, I would’ve gotten my aft swatted.-_-;

Has anyone here read Starship Troopers? That book talks a lot about this subject.

Originally posted by KaiserVonAlmasy
Psychological torture is MUCH MORE FUN to administer than a little spanking.

Using pain as a disciplinary measure is like, the mark of a really bad parent. I’m sorry, but if you have to beat up your kids to get them to listen to you, then you seriously should not have the right to be in such a position of responsibility over another person’s life. I mean, you may say that, if it works, it works, but that sort of shit stays with you. If the only reason that you don’t do a certain thing is that you were scared away from doing it as a child (rather than rationally assessing the good points and bad points, and making a decision for yourself), it predisposes your mind to making all personal decisions based on some nebulous fear, rather than any sort of inward-stemming rationality or morality. And that shit’s not healthy, even if it’s widespread.

That being said, not all spanking has its emphasis on pain. My aunt spanks my cousin, and she and my mom talk a lot about it (cause they feel differently on the subject), and basically, my aunt’s reasoning is entirely psychological. It’s not so much that the spanking is meant to hurt the kid, as it is meant to…put them in their place. To let them know who’s in charge when they get out of hand, closer to humiliation than to actual physical hurt. And this is a bit tougher. Cause, like Kaiser said, psychological shit is far more effective (and…fun, I guess :P), and used very sparingly, it can be a catalyst for rational, independent thought. But at the same time, too much humiliation from parents can turn a kid into a bitter, depressed, homicidal human being which is never good.

I think…that spanking is probably best done when a kid is really young, when you really can’t talk to them. But I’d say after a certain point…like eight, nine years, the psychological pain afforded by the humiliation becomes more dangerous than the psychological growth afforded by independent thought (about the incident, etc.) which the spanking acts as a catalyst for. I mean, of course it varies for every kid, but around that time…a parent should start to rationally discuss stuff with their child and treat them like a human being; that sort of example is much more important to kids growing up to be mature, sensible adults than having the major adult influence in their lives just trying to keep them down (through smacking them around or more insidious psychological means, like the light but humiliating spanking).

-Mazrim Taim

Recent psychological study has shown that spanking is an ineffective form of punishment. For example- if a boy hits his little sister, and you spank the child, he does not learn not to be violent- he learns not to hit people when his parents are not around.

It suggests that spanking be used sparingly if at all. One acceptable thing that spanking is used for is if children do something dangerous, like run into the street without looking or trying to put things in elecrical sockets.

EDIT: Also, if one does spank- or punish the child in any way- do not say “I’m going to punish you because you are BAD,” because that will make the child think that he IS bad, and so he’ll keep doing things. What you do is say something like, “I’m going to punish you because what you did.”

And if they do something that already has consequences- such as… say, not eating- there is no reason to punish the child. They will already be punished by being hungry. They’ll learn that not eating is a stupid thing to do.

I don’t know, if you ask me a kid could deserve a good smack sometimes. If nothing else to snap him out of a fervor that he might be in.

Oh- this might just be a personal thing, but I also believe that the ends DO NOT justify the means, and so even if violence would promote good behavior in a child, it does not seem right to me at all.

My opinion: never do it

Originally posted by Ren
My opinion: never do it

Your opinion is in the command form? :stuck_out_tongue:

I command you to spank me.