Anyone doing that Chrizzle shizzle this year? I’m not Christian, but I decided to give up something anyway. First time for everything, and all that.

My gaming addiction has gotten way out of hand lately, so I’m giving up all electronic games. I’m starting a few days late, and who knows if I’ll make it to 40, but even a couple of weeks would be a big accomplishment for me.

Someone please feed my PSO characters and water my mags while I’m away. ;D

I’ll give up… touching myself at night

I’ll give up lent.

I’ll give up … lending people things.

I’m not sure what I would give up. Honestly, I’d forgotten it was Lent, until today. Hmm… I’ll give up my iPod. I don’t need to have it with me at all times.

What the hell is lent?

I need to ask my friend what she’s giving up this year - she hadn’t decided when we last spoke about it. I really hope it’s not rice again, because that’s a pain when it’s lunchtime. :slight_smile:

Lent is when you give up something not that important for 40 days, to symbolize the terrible things that <strike>Hitler</strike> Charle did to the jews.

ok… I’ll give up acting like a jerk. NOT!

I gave up Ash Wednesday. I was awake for all of 4 hours. >.>

You got the giving stuff up part right, but the rest of it could not be more wrong. Lent, at it is known in Western Christianity (Great Lent in Eastern), is the 40 day period between Ash Wednesday and Easter. It’s symbolic of many Biblical events, mainly Jesus’ retreat into the wilderness for forty days to prepare to become a minister.

It’s more of a Catholic/Eastern Orthodox thing, so I don’t follow it.

No, I’m not. I don’t follow Christianity.

Never heard about this before.

The heck is that?

Doesn’t matter, really, though, I’m Atheist. But what is it?

I hate Lent. I hate it. Yesterday we ran out of haddock to fry. There were many angry Catholics. Hey, its not my fault, but who do they yell at? This was a conversation between a customer and one of my coworkers.

Cust: Can I get some haddock, fried?
Work: I’m sorry, I’m afraid we just ran out of haddock.
Cust: I’m a CATHOLIC you bitch! walks away

Yeah. How absolutley Christian of you to call her a bitch. Then there were the people complaining about the wait time for frying, which started out as 25-30 minutes, and then went to 30-45, then 45-1 hour. Its LENT, for fuck’s sake. Did you think that people wouldn’t like say… oh, I don’t know… be frying a lot of fish? Also, you think that if you were Catholic all your life and you KNEW that you had to eat fish on a certain day that you’d learn how to cook it. But nooooo…

Oh, and FISH IS MEAT! Just wanted you to know that. Why not eat rice and beans or something, that’s not meat. There are plenty of things besides fish that you can eat… please go somewhere else. <_<;

This is great incentive for me to do well in college.

Yeah, but that wasn’t because she was catholic, it was because she was a bitch.

I remember someone randomly telling me that we give up red meat and not just meat for Lent on Fridays. I don’t know. I do it because it gives me something to do. It’s fun to see if I can actually not eat meat on Fridays and see if I can give up certain foods for the entire forty days.

I gave up downloading stuff off the internet.

Or illegal stuff anyway. I’m not sure which it is yet. :frowning:

Psh, fuck this, I’m giving up oxygen. I’m gonna be more lenter than all of you!