Lengthy scene from Spiderman 3


Major spoilers, but oh so sweet.

That is pretty cool. Thanks for posting it. I liked seeing how it still builds off of the first two movies and keeps a very cohesive story.

Venom is gonna be so frikkin’ sweet!

Yeah, however There are two other villians., So I’m really hoping it doesnt try to do more than it has time for, like X3 did. Raimi’s too smart for that, so I shoudlnt worry.

That looks pretty impressive. Damn I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Finally! A movie worth seeing!

Darn, the download wasn’t there when I looked, and the streaming sucked BIG time, it was all jerky. Still, the movie looks good, and that Peter/Harry fight alone may be the best so far in the Spider-Man movies. I’ll definitely watch this in the theaters and not in one of my sister’s pirated DVDs, damn it! >:(

How about marking that spoiler there Will? Not everyone knows about the Harry and Peter fight. Why don’t you cover that up. If I hadn’t already seen the trailer, I would be pissed with you for ruining that for me.

I thought that you would know that just from seeing Spider-Man 2’s ending.

Isn’t the fact that Harry is one of the movie’s villains well known by now? It’s been reported since at least December. I’ve even seen pictures of the new Goblin suit before this promo. Btw what’s with the skateboard-shaped Glider??