Legend of the dragoon

Now I’m having a problem with the legend of the dragoon. It’s a newer greatest hits version and I’m playing it on my PS2. I’m on disk two and I’ve beaten the Dragoon Lenus. it shows the little scene where she dies and he dragoon spirit leaves her. then experience is given out, and after that, it goes black. it just freezes or something. So if anyone can help please.

Your disk may be scratched. See if you can’t find a repair kit at EB or Radioshack.

Check the disc. Is that is scratched or damaged in anyway?
If it is then you need a new disc.

The only other thing I can suggest (if the disc is alright) is to try it on someone else PS2. To see if the problem continues. If it does, maybe it is a glitch in the game.

There is only the slightest hint of a scratch around the edges. I bought it no more than three weeks ago and I take very good care of my games.

Did you buy it new? If you didn’t then it could have been scratched very deep scratching the information. Resurfacing only makes it run smoother, but it can never replace information if its scratched off. Other than that i’m not quite sure what would be wrong.

It is bought new. I’ve tried it a third time. It might be the memory card I’m using, it’s one of them cheap non-sony ones but it’s been good to me so far. sigh :too bad:

i had the same problem with my first FF version, i had to buy a new one. it isnt the meory card, if the card is broken you cand read files, your savegames are erased. i never heard of games freezing because of broken memcards.

I’m calling in the warrenty. 90 days without defect. heh, good thing I didn’t wait to play it later.

This is an awesome game so, try to fix the problem. I would just take it back to where you got it and get a new one. If it happens again then it might your PS2. But dont pass this game up its really good. I lot of people really were hoping for some sort of sequel. I was one of them. Enjoy the game though!

I exchanged the game cand itr still don’t work, same exact problem. Called sony support and they want me to send ps2 in to fix. but my 90 days might be over, and I don’t want to have to pay or anything. sighes and woinders what to do.

hmmm i guess this is bad…

Hmph. My PS2 had problems reading some games at certain points of the game, where the screen would turn black. What module is your PS2? If it is defective, but you continue to use it, it might just die. (Would know from experience, when he tried to play a game that wasn’t working well, and the PS2 just shut off, and it won’t turn on now).

Buy a new PS2 if that happens, as it cannot be fixed.

So, should I send it in, or try to get it exchanged. It’s past ninty days, so I’m not sure if they’d fix it, or exchange it. And I don’t want to fork over another 200 dollars.

Hmph, you can always get a new copy. I got Legend of Dragoon (Greatist Hits version, if it does indeed matter), and I’m on 4th disc, no problems. Probably because that was shortly after I got my PS2… where do you live? I got my new one, in Canada, for 198$ (227.75$ with tax), but my friend, who lives in Holland (that place rocks), can get it for like, 150$. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the 90-day warranty, well, it wasn’t for my friend. Ask them via phone if the warranty matters for a defective product.

maybe you should try getting your hands on an original PS machine or a PS1 to try it out, there have been issues in the past with trying to play certain PS games on a PS2, aparently its not always 100% compatible

we should have a collection to get pink lugia a new ps2…that would rock some face

crino…that is an awesome idea, that would never work in a thousand years. don’t worry, If worse comes to worse, I’ll have to buy another.

well if we had the rpgclassics peoples approval we could have somethin like the got gp thing but have it be like got gp for pink lugia…i know its far fetched but hell id help out…anyone else? :toast:

I’d donate like, 20$, no doubt… I got no online payment thingy (paypal?), and no visa or what-not. Nor a credit card… I can always mail. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why does it seem like I’d be selfish to accept such generosity. I just couldn’t beg to buy a new ps2. don’t worry about it, I’m sure it’s just a incompatibe thing like rickster said. And if it’s not, I’ll play as much as I can and then buy another i suppose, or maybe a ps3 if it’s out by then. if you want to give money to a worthy cause, donate to rpgc. but both of you, thanks for the offer i guess.