Legend of Mana OH MY GOD!!!

Oh damn I love this game so much I could play it for ages! Graphics are by far some of the best I’ve seen – I’ve liked them more than Mafia’s. Gameplay is just awesome, we were needing free roaming-quests fulfilling RPGs on the PSX. It’s even better than the SaGa series which brought free roaming to the consoles! Music is a little repetitive, but who cares?!? the boss themes are great. Everything about this game is great. Are you with or without me???

Okay, first off, lay off the sugar.

Seconjd off, I agree, LoM is a great game. the battle system is good, and I love the characters. fantasizeds about Elazul a bit…

snaps out of it But I don’t think it’s better than the SaGas. Those were soem of the best games there are.

yeh but unlimited saga coming out (already out in america i think) for ps2 sounds REALLY crappy! its mennna be hardcore - more like boring
all the reviews ive seen say its pretty poo

oh and have u guys ever played secret of mana on the snes?

yeh but unlimited saga coming out (already out in america i think) for ps2 sounds REALLY crappy! its mennna be hardcore - more like boring

Uh huh… you know, there’s a key in your board called “Shift”. This lets you add caps. Plus the colon and the period, I think that shall make you a bit more understandable…


EDIT: Yeah, I played it and surely rocks. But I prefer SD3 anyways.

I don’t think you should be telling people about the myriad uses of the shift key, neo. Seriously 8P.

LoM is an awesome game. You don’t seem to have caught onto the philosophy built into the game though.

who needs english when u can have forum english?
and by psx do u mean ps1?

Umm… I did… really… I’ve played it through around 18 times, I don’t see why you said so…

about the shift I was just saying that so s/he would explain his/her post to me…

EDIT: Yah I mean PSone. I like sticking with PSX.

He. It says so in his little profile to the left of his post. And Sin was referring to your name. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry. I’m a n00b around here and I’m still gettin used to those jokes that only you, the smart people, can understand.

No I’m not being sarcastical.

Man, I already used my idiot flame of the week on someone less deserving. ;_; Now I want to go rescind my comments just so I can be mean. Oh bah, there’s a reason for this one, he being only 13. Nm carry on, nothing to see in this post.

do u reckon i could get hold of it somehow? i mean no doubt its gone out of production but some games are really hard to get second hand…

I got it at a blackmarket (only place where you can get them at decent price over here–original cds are worth $90 [no kidding]), and it was the last there was… I had been looking for it for three months long.

hey! i maybe 13 but i can punctuate if i want to…

LoM right? Try doing something like this.

i don’t like using ebay - ive heard of dodginess when sometimes u end up with a faulty cd or no cd at all

Ok…go here they have it in stock as far as I can tell.
Edit: hang on that link is for U.S. and Canada only.
Re-Edit: Can’t find the game on the European square-enix site, can only find it american.

thanx for trying but probably it won’t be a PAL version because at the top it says square enix USA
:too bad;

edit: oh u noticed before i posted

re-edit: oh ok thanx anyway

OK…let’s take this one by one…

Mitsu: First off, learn to capitalize. Second, learn to say “you” instead of “u”. It makes you seem less AOLish.

NeKowhateverstupidname: Get a name that doesn’t reek of AlTeRnAtEcApSlEeTnEsS and stop talking like you’re an ADHD brat who just downed an entire case of Pixy Stix. It, too, makes you seem less AOLish.

…Ok, before this thread turns into some sucky Flamefest, i want to point something…

Wasn’t There a warning before to Stop Laughing/pointing/whatever to how people talks?

And X…He can AlTeRnAtE his name, if you don’t like it, we don’t care. Kthx omgwtflololzozloz

Feel free to ignore this post, it’s only garbage anyways.