Legend of Dragoon help

I need help with the battle against the Virage in the Valley of Corrupted Gravity.

Any sort of help including, but not limited to: recommended group, battle strategies, needed items, etc. will be appreciated…

Who is your usual party?

I usualy use the same stragey for most bosses anyway…power up the Dragoons and wreak havoc. :mwahaha:

Dart, Rose, and Meru.

Hmm, ages since i played that game. I usually used Dart, Albert (i think thats his name) and that dude with the martial arts. And sometimes Kongol.

For that battle, just use the same strategy as you used for the Virages from before. What level are you?

This is easy.

Remove the disk from the game.
Throw out window.

I didn’t like this game at all, and other than this I can’t really help you at all. Sorry. But if you take my advice, you’ll have good karma.

Hmmm, I usually use Albert and Haschel for this fight, since Albert’s Additions do a LOT of damage.

Take out just one of the arms, the right one, I think. That one tends to do an instant death attack on someone. Then, attack the Body,then the head. That’s all I can offer.

Oh, and Healing Breezes and Angel thingies. These are must-have items.

Ya just use the party that you are used to and go dragoon and attack like crazy. It will die sooner later. By the way has anyone heard if they are going to make a sequel to this?

If I remember, I just wandered into this fight not even knowing it was there. I believe I had Dart, Tia, and… Albert maybe. It was so long ago I can’t remember. My strategy: Have the additions high level and give Albert/Rose the item that auto executes it after setting to the 10 hit combo. Then pound away. I did have to revive people quite frequently because of that stupid #^&% instant death attack.

Ah yes, I remember this guy. The key is to take out the arms as quickly as possible. I suggest going with the heavy hitters in this one (Rose, Al, and to a lesser extent Haschel). Set everyone to their highest damage% Addition, wail on the parts, and heal as needed.

This was kind of a crappy game battle strategy wise. And the incredibly low limit on the number of items you could carry was a pain. I don’t even buy items and I was running out of room. But I rented it from Blockbuster and got to the third disc in 5 days, so I want to finish it, but I’m not willing to buy it.

I can only really say what has already been said. Just get rid of the arms, as fast as you can. To stop them killing you, then attack whatever part you need to kill, can’t remember whether that was body or head. And just keep killing the arms as soon as they reappear. And healing when needed.