Legaia 2 question/huge favour (plot-related)

Ok, this will seem like a huge request, but I just started up Legaia 2 after a long time of not playing and have no idea where in the plot I am.

I’m 10:26 in, at level 26, and the sky has become purple recently. Something about a black sun. Anyway, could anyone give me a really basic rundown of the plot so far up to this point if they remember it? Not too in-depth, just enough to jog my memory and such. (Name dropping will help too)

Well, it’s been a while since I played, but let’s see…

You start out with Lang, who goes on patrol in the forest south of his town together with his teacher. Later during that day, a strange man shows up and beats Lang to a bloody pulp in the forest. Then he goes and steals the crystal which supplies the village with water.
Lang sets out to find the crystal, but it doesn’t go too well. As he goes through a mountain pass, he’s attacked by a big, white gorilla thing and forced to kill it. Next thing you know, a big macho-dude with a cigarr and hair-do stolen from Elvis comes running and cries over his lost Elfin, the gorilla. Uh… let’s not go there.
The two most annoying characters in the whole game then shows up, a fat little girl and her thin as a needle brother. Both of them have got their egos WAY to far up their asses. And they kick your butt, again. Way to go.
Lang gets taken to their castle, where he’s beaten up while hanging on a wall. The king or high priest or whatever comes in and holds a speech about what a poor thing Lang is who doesn’t understand the greater good, and the pain the king goes through for trying to save the world. Seems that the morons wants Lang to show his “origin”, but he’s got no idea what that is.
Once thrown in prison, Lang meets a mute chick named Maya (after she’s kicked and called ugly by the fat little girl. Jealous much?). She’s got an origin who can talk for her, and it turns out that origins are spirits living in some humans, with great powers.
Maya and Lang breaks out, beating up a stupid knight in the process. Maya can’t attack though, so she’s just standing around during battles unless you make her throw stuff at the enemies or healing stuff at Lang.
Once safe, Maya guides Lang to a mountain, where an old dude named Kazan lives. He proceeds to send Lang off to fight a hopeless battle in order to get his origin out. Yay, success! Lang accepts Kazan as his master, after some pushing from his origin Galea. Next Lang and Maya go through a cave on Kazan’s order, looking for a scroll of battle techniques for Lang.
Once that’s done, all three of them head back to the castle, through the sewers. Oh man, sewers… DIE.
Finally you reach some ruins, and fight a boss that can’t be harmed. In the end though, Maya freaks and kills it with magic. Her voice is back, wohoo! And even better, now she can attack.
Once in the castle, you kill another stupid knight.
And again with an invulnerable boss. Luckily, Maya hears her dead mother’s voice and learns a special attack that saves the day. You get the magical crystal back. Finally!
The groip goes back to the first village, and goes off to hunt in the forest. That’s when the sun suddenly turns black.
Is that alright?

Wow… I had no idea you and Weiila were fans of this game. 8)

By the way, the knights are named Balken and Raynof. 8)

Ah, that helps a lot, thanks a lot.

If you (or anyone) doesn’t mind, could you go into detail about the latest thing (the event in Hunter’s Wood)? I can’t remember why the sun is black now, and I remember someone died there (Edouard, I think), but not what happened during that event.

And now I remember those two horribly annoying people. I could’ve beat them if it wasn’t for their infinite hit points.

Edoward died earlier in the game at the hands of Avalon, I think.

Basically, what happened was Lang returned the Aqualith to Nohl, and was hailed as a hero. Thinking the adventure was kind of over, he went with Galvan and the hunters of Nohl on a routine hunting expedition into the forest. While they were there, Avalon’s plan to recreate the world had already taken effect, and thus, the sky changed from blue to an evil purple. The evil influence of the Black Sun begun to seep into the minds of the creatures of the forest, and suddenly the hunted of the forest became the hunters and Edoward (or whoever, it’s been a while) was killed. Your team agrees to visit Reym (possible connection to Rem from Legaia 1), but to get there, they need the Mizel Red Sand from Kazan’s hut in Mt. Gabel.

Ah, all right, now I know what I’m doing.

One final thing (not plot related): Is there any penalty for fighting enemies way too strong for me and nuking them with an Origin for massive experience? Like, is something bad going to happen for using the Origin in every battle?

Not at all. In fact, that’s an excellent way to level up early. 8) Keep doing that!

Heehee, excellent.
Thanks for all the help.

Not really a fan of the game per say, but it’s a neat one. I especially like the fact that they discuss the reappearances of past, supposedly dead bosses in the coliseum fights XD
“Oh my god! They were scary enough when they were alive! Don’t tell me they’re GHOSTS now!”