Legacy of Goku 2

I tried the ROM out, just to see if it sucks or not. (I actually believe in the “24 hours” thing, especially if I’m considering buying the game.) And my official report is:

It doesn’t suck.

The game does have problems. There are still too many fetch quests, and the combat wasn’t fixed much. However, compared to LoG1, everything else has improved.

For one thing, despite the name, you get other characters BESIDES Goku for once; namely, Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta, and Trunks. The graphics have been touched up somewhat, although it takes a good look to notice it. It tries to follow as much of the plot as possible, despite the countless fetch quests.

Also, it forces you to level up. Doors are placed around the areas, always blocking off important sections. The only way to get rid of one is to level up the character the door corresponds with until they match the number on the door, then break the damn thing down in a fit of rage.

And there’s my spill. Now go ahead and tear me apart for what I believe; I know you’re all ready to go.

meh, the only dbz game i’ve ever touched is budokai, so i’ll just nod my head, smile, and agree without a second thought.

Having played and beaten the game I have to say it’s pretty good. The fighting is annoying sometimes and I avoided most of the non-manditory quests and am glad to see the stupid solar flare murder trick is gone. And the name is funny since by the final boss you’ll have had Gokou for an hour at best :stuck_out_tongue:

does that mean that this is another of those “goku dies, he gets revived, repeat, repeat” plots again?

No. It’s just wherever you go he’s like “go fight” and then he flies away. Either that or He’s sick like he was in the Android Saga.

you mean like

the viral heart disease? i don’t think that stopped him from fighting…

Originally posted by Lord Zhou Yu
[b]you mean like

the viral heart disease? i don’t think that stopped him from fighting…

Actually, it did. It took him out for quite a while, starting after a brief fight with Android 19. It wasn’t until they started using the Space and Time Room (or whatever the fuck it’s called) that he reappeared.

In other words, they just stalled long enough so Vegeta and Piccolo could show off their new skills and get their asses kicked by N 17 and N18.

oh. well, i haven’t seen too much of the series, in fact, i only know about the gist of the first three sagas through dbz: budokai.

i’m not the biggest dbz fan, as you can tell…

Originally posted by Lord Zhou Yu
i’m not the biggest dbz fan, as you can tell…

I don’t think there are many DBZ fans here, Zhuo. You’re not alone.

Heh. The best DBZ-Based game aint an official one, if you ask me.

Whoa! This reminds me how I keep forgetting to pick up the first Legacy of Goku. I figured I’d get it once it showed up in the used bin, but I haven’t seen any yet. It’s been a year already since it came out, hasn’t it?

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Err… how is forced leveling a good thing?

Galloway, you’re as slow as hell at getting ROMs :stuck_out_tongue:

I was pretty amazed to find that it was actually decent and not something that was made by a bunch of dumbasses that didn’t know what the hell they were doing. They used dialouge from FUNi’s translation though. The little collision (that how its spelt?) problem is gone, you can actually run, the world map ain’t bad, but I’m at the point so far at thinking they spent only like, 5 minutes programming the bosses. I played the rom up until the part you gained control of Piccolo and decided to wait for the cart and then play the rom again for the shrine I plan on doing.

Zhou: If Budokai is the only one you’ve played…I feel your pain :frowning:

Budokai is the crappiest fighter ever made, and I have played Street Fighter 1.

Believe me when I say that this is ultimately craptacular.

Budokai isn’t a good way to learn the seires anyway. It left out parts of the sagas.

and the only reason i was playing budokai is because i was bored and had nothing else to do…

i should get me a dvd or two…

Yes. You know you’re as bored as hell when you’re playing Budokai.

i only played it when the people in my house decided to use both computers in the house for something…

and i promptly stopped once i finished the story mode. i agree, it’s not the best fighting game…

Budokai did dissappoint me. LoG 1 was alright, though I’m not sure if I want number two… I’ll think about it and let you know tommorw…

GASP! I’m turning into my grandma!! O_O;