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Okay, here’s some backstory first.

When I signed up for class A, the schedule said 4:30-5:50, Mondays and Wednesdays. Class B is 6:30-7:50, Mondays and Wednesdays. However, the teacher for class A is a hurried replacement for the intended teacher, who apparently got sick. Since class A’s teacher has a meeting at 4:30 on Mondays, and attempts at rescheduling the day would outright conflict with other peoples’ classes, he changed the schedule to 4:30-6:20 on Wednesday only.

Now, this wouldn’t be so bad, except that I’d like to have dinner. The Dining Commons (I have a meal plan) close at 7:30, which means I’d have to pay money to eat dinner someplace else, and as a broke jobless college student, I really don’t consider paying at least $20 a month (at Burger King, say) acceptable. Nor is eating dinner at 4:30, which is an hour and a half before I’m actually hungry. And the Dining Commons frowns on taking food out of it for later consumption. Trying to talk with the teacher was futile, because his response to “I consider my body’s basic needs to be more important than your class” was “Well, that’s just a decision you’ll have to make.”

So, yesterday, I walked straight out of Class A at 6:10 and ate dinner. Eating a quick meal, I arrived at Class B less than a minute before it began. I felt justified at doing so. Especially with the general attitude that staying in class half an hour longer than I signed up for is more important than eating. So, uh … anyone else have any opinions about this?

Get a job.

Wait, the class ends a 6:20, and the dining hall closes at 7:30? You can’t make it to the dining hall in an hour?

He has class right after! jeez read his post you jerrrkkk!!!11

But yeah, eating dinner at 4:30 isn’t that bad. I do it all the time. I would also second the “get a job” advice if you cant afford to buy dinner each wednesday, whether it be a small meal or not. $20 a month isn’t that bad for food, you could probably manage less than $5 a wednesday if you look around hard enough or buy bulk food in advance.

Did you word it like this?!?::dekar!::

I’d go with 4:30.

Uh, get some food maybe like a sandwich or something similarly portable and eat it after? Get like some of those plastic food containers so you can get some food that you can eat later?

Dining halls ALWAYS frown on people taking stuff out, but people do it all the time. You just need to be surreptitious about it. If you don’t want to buy stuff to make a sandwich like Epic suggested, still get some containers, and when you eat lunch on Wednesdays, go to their sandwich lane (I assume they have a cold cut sandwich area) and order one in addition to your other food. Maybe even grab a piece of fruit like a banana or apple. Put those in their containers, hide 'em in your backpack, and you’re all set.

Give it time, soon your body will adapt to the need to eat dinner at 4:30pm, and a second dinner at 8pm. Or is this just me?

Uh, the problem is?

You missed the last 10 minutes of a class that is running 30 minutes later than it should because of last minute rescheduling so that you can get the meal you already paid for at a dining hall. I’m sure the teacher is outraged at your insolence, and if he is then clearly his rage is justified.

My honest opinion is that you’re whiny and soft and your discontent over potentially missing , or rather, having 1 dinner a week delayed, a dinner easily and cheaply replaced, is ridiculous.

I’ve missed and skipped meals all the fucking time in the past 6 years and I deal with it by sucking it up and doing what I need to do and improvising by bringing along food for myself in case I really feel like I need a boost. Planning ahead and stocking up isn’t fucking rocket science and if you can’t do that, you definetly have bigger problems than being late or leaving early.

If you can’t afford 5 dollars a week to go out for something, for whatever reason, you have a lot more to worry about than missing a class. Also, if you have a problem with spending 5 dollars in a week, you also have problems more serious than being late for a class or getting out early of a class.

You won’t die from missing one meal a week, and as has already been pointed out, it can even be easily replaced and delayed by a few hours, so you should attend that class. There’s no reason or excuse for why you shouldn’t.

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Oops, made a mistake, so I’m editing the post.

Unfortunately, talking with the professor may have been a mistake, since he now knows who you are and why you’re gone. Many professors are pompous asses who hold grudges, especially if they’re men. And if its a liberal arts course, where the grading is highly subjective, this especially applies.

That being said, it only matters if you’re on the cusp of a grade.

Also, you’re really in the right here, because the college changed the schedule for what you legally paid for. In fact, you could probably scare them a little by bringing this up the Bursar’s office :stuck_out_tongue: (though I’m sure there’s some little fine print somewhere that says they’re allowed to do this).

I doubt it since college schedules change all the time and the school isn’t really responsible since you make your own schedule. They wouldn’t even be fazed, especially if the classes are offered at other times. Besides, they’ll probably say something like what Sin said (which I agree with and couldn’t say better myself). The only time you have that sort of argument is in grade school. It’s not even a matter of fine print anywhere.

I’ve never experienced the schedule for a class being changed after I’ve signed up and paid for it, and frankly I didn’t know that it ever happened, but I’ll take your word for it. This is probably because I’ve mostly gone to small schools up to this point.

Anyway, Yar, its better to reschedule at this point, or just eat at a different time, since, like I said, most profs take themselves way too seriously and will resent you leaving early.

In addition to that, this isn’t even a freaking issue anymore. In fact, I’ve already apologized to him for talking to him like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did da baby want a widdle nap? In my day, kids werent allowed to have dinner! OR BRUNCH! THEY HAD TO GO HUNGRY, AND LIKE IT!!!