Left 4 Dead

It’s a pretty cool game, who’s playing?

I’m sorely tempted by this, but it’s kinda been lost in the recent deluge of games. Is it worth picking up over, say, Call of Duty 5 or Gears 2?

For me it is, but I really enjoy Valve games - they’re easily in my top 3 developers. The whole concept of real survival against overwhelming odds intrigues me, as does the AI director.

It owns. I’d be playing right now if my girlfriend had something other then a apple laptop.

You are aware that you could install windows on her apple laptop and play it on steam no problem right?

Bought it and love it. I fucking SUCK at it though, but that’s half the fun right there.

Nothing better than hearing a horn blow in the soundtrack right before an ungodly amount of the undead come rushing at your 15 hp ass.

“Look a hunt…AAAARGH, Smoker-Tongued!”



“… TANK!”

Oh god, it’s so much fun. Me and my bro have been playing it together a bit, but Advanced is hard enough with pubs, most of the time. Once we’ve all gotten a bit better at the game, we should totally do some Expert mode.

Autoshotty is LOVE.

Downloaded this yesterday, will be buying it this week. Goddamn this is the best fps I’ve played in ages. I fucking love this game for not trying to be all survival-horror-scrounging-around-for-2-bullets like most zombie games. Shotgunning the fuck out of zombies never felt so good.

How’re the single player campaigns? From the descriptions and reviews I got the idea this game was made for multiplayer so the scenarios are pretty short.

The campaign can be played with up to 4 people and that’s how it should be done.

Campaigns take about 45 minutes each the first time on normal with bots. The bots are total fucking morons and you have to take point, but it’s doable.

Coop with competent players is pretty easy (barring the turtlefest that is expert, monsters do 4x as much damage as they did in advanced), but versus is awesome, especially playing as a hunter.

The first time? So it gets harder each time?

Well, I was meaning that as going in blind and blundering around the level till you figured it out. The difficulty varies wildly based on what the game decides to spawn and where.

I could do a lot of things.

Like play left 4 dead.

Got it and love it, although they really need to rejig the last two campaigns and open them up to Versus mode because as fun as No Mercy is I can see it getting stale after the 2837483th runthrough.

I hope to pick this up around Christmas, and I can’t wait. I was gonna pre order it but then by xbox died and the i had no monies :expressionless: but it looks rox0r

I’m trying to figure out why everyone avoids Blood Harvest on Versus.

Infected: Long sections of map where there are either no/only bad places to spawn or very few opportunities to ambush the survivors. Absolutely awful finale if the survivors know the wall trick.

Survivors: Long stretches of on-rails wooded area with a single path through. Absolutely awful finale if you don’t know the wall trick.