"Leeeeeeeeaving...on an airplane!"

“Dooooon’t know when I’ll be back again!”

Actually, I do. The Wolf Man will be back on the 31st. Until then, Merry Holidays.

:fungah: And who are you, again?

I would have hoped SOMEONE would recognize me by now. :thud: Ah yes, and I’ll finally be seeing Return of the King on this trip.

:fungah: You haven’t seen that yet? What a loser!

I’m really starting to not like you.

Well then, have a nice trip.

Where are you headed?

Its “leavin’ on a jet plane.”

Anyway- see ya on the 31st! :wave:

Where are you going?

See ya.

have fun and don’t get shot

See ya.
Come back soon.

Don’t let the pilot drink and do drugs, and land safetly.

(mysterious)He is currently in a hotel room located in Downers Grove, Illinois. (/mysterious)

Bai, Wolfdude. See ya 'round. :cool:

Back, safe and sound.

Good trip out to Illinois to see my kinda-sorta-mostly-girlfriend. :ah-ha!: Met her family and friends, ate some good Illinois food, had my first pocky, saw where she grew up, trekked in Chicago (my first time), etc.

…coming home is always bittersweet, however. :thud:

Whoa you’re back, and I was just about to say “have a nice trip,” too. =P

HEy, welcome back Seawolf!

Kinda-sorta-mostly? I thought there was a quasi-, semi-, and pseudo- in there, too. Hmpf.

That didn’t take too long. We didn’t even get enough time to start missing you.

I like to keep ya’ll on your toes. :ah-ha!:

erm…I blinked…welcome back then^^

Well I missed out on that one so…welcome back.