Leaving on a Jet Plane.....

…don’t know when I’ll be back again!

Well, actually I DO know when I’ll be back again. Next Wednesday. Anyhoo, today I fly to Halifax for an upcoming Job Interview with the AEON Corporation to teach English in Japan.

So, wish me luck? :wave:

That’s cool. Good luck. :moogle: :victoly:

Neato! Good luck.

Good luck to ye. Don’t fall out of the plane over the ocean.

Good luck!

Teaching English in Japan must be one of the coolest jobs ever.

Sounds like a damn nifty job. Good luck, you spoony bard! Bring us back some pocky!

Good luck.
Write us a postcard.

My Spoony lies over the ocean,
My Spoony lies over the sea.
My Spoony lies over the ocean,
Please bring back my Spoony to me!

Yeah, g’bye, see yas, ‘n’ stuff. We promise not to destroy the place while you’re gone.

Congrats with the possible new job and good luck in Japan if you are hired.

That’s awesome, Spoony :smiley: Good luck!

Good luck trying to get an eikaiwa job!

Good luck to ya, tell us all about it when you get back :cool:

Ah so we residents of Halifax are good for something. I didn’t know they had opportunities like that here. Rock on.

Sounds like a cool job. Good luck!

Good luck, it sounds like a great opportunity.

whoa, cool, have fun spoony, and good luck. but what is to happen with online life? is this the end?

See ya later,and good luck with the job.