Least Favorite Final Fantasy?

shrugs They have to maintain the servers somehow. RO’s actually one of the few fully downloadable mainstream MMORPGs from what I’ve seen. Most others require you to buy a disk first just like FFXI does since (also) there’s a lot more players than on RO and other games. So I see it as being perfectly understandable really.

And yeah, the only FF’s that didn’t really work on was the first one if you weren’t properly leveled. Some monsters would knock you around a bit then =P

I can understand charging to buy it, but it is one of, if not the, most expensive PC games on the mainstream market, and then there’s a monthly fee on top of that. At least it’s dropped in price now from when it first came out, though.

Eh? =O I got it for 40 USD. I didn’t think it was too expensive o_o

Really? It’s $69.99-$79.99 (+14.5% on top of that) CDN practically everywhere up here. I guess it’d be cheaper to just order it from the states then.

Yeah, ok, that’s a worthwhile complaint then since that is a tad bit pricey =P

8 without gfs the characters where almost powerless ::dekar!::


This may get me flamed back to the Stone Age, but I never could get into FFVII. The rest interested me, but I never got past the first few battles of FFVII.


hits you with tranqilizer Time out! (Though I AM a fan of FF VII) I’m sure he has his own opinions for not liking FF VII.

Someone missed the joke.

points to post number #10 to give an idea of how Info normally talks to help him WoL get the joke


I am female.

Sorry Spazcat.

:hyperven: blashpehmer!! spawn of stan! i banish you to the stonage!!

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well then atleast thats done.

any way the only final fantasy i dont like is 3.

but only because i cant find it any where.

ive been looking for a copy of ff3 for six years now!!

does anyone know where i can find one. :moogle:

If you are talking about the actual FF3, you won’t find a copy. It was only released in Japan. If you are talking about FF6, released as FF3 on the SNES in America, well tough luck. I’ve found it pretty easily at several places that sell used games.

5 for the dumb job system.

Tactics for being dumb. :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t hate it, but FFVII wasn’t as great as the rest

tosses dark paliden into the same time portal

i meant the japenese one.

isent there a japenese copy somewhere i can buy?

and why hasent japan imported it yet?
it might be a really cool game. :moogle:

FF8 had a game system couldn’t get into and it drove me nuts, bt it had a good story, and a game system incompatible with me isn’t a fair reason to declare it the worst.
FF7 I could write a 10 page paper, single space, typed on all the things wrong with it. Needless to say, since the week I bought it (and beat it) I have not even looked at it, and couldn’t even say where my copy is right now. My simplest complaints are that it was significantly less challenging than waking up for work in the morning, and that the character depth barely passed the chars from FF1.

I have many more complaints that aren’t as simple, and I could go into great depth on the 2 I already mentioned, but I don’t feel like typing that much.