Least Favorite Female

Who is it? Maybe ;). Or, maybe someone else.

First off, the girl’s name is Krile/Cara. Second of all, *stabs VS for daring to put Faris on there.

Selphie annoys me greatly.

Why is Eiko not on there?!?!

It’s a big big tie between Rinoa, Garnet, Eiko, Rosa, Aeris and Yuffie. As a matter of fact, put em all on my list except Terra and Celes. I can’t stand a majority of the female characters.


Ok my vote is for Eiko.

Definitely Rydia, she spent all her time charging up massive spells and then dying. Too much wasted time to keep constantly reviving her.

why is faris on there and why isn’t porom on there?

Other: Palom (or is it Porom? I can’t remember which one the girl is)

But why does everyone hate Selphie!? I mean sure, she’s a spunky little teenager who obviously likes too much sugar in her double espresso and has a wierd train fetish . . . But she’s cool in my book.

Originally posted by Mako
Other: Palom (or is it Porom? I can’t remember which one the girl is)

it was porom. she is frickin’ useless without her twin…

Should have had Quina on there…

Wait… what’s Quina’s gender again? :eek:

quina’s known gender is:

undecided. :slight_smile:

Quina is like FFIX’s Gogo.

I really didn’t like Relm that much. Other than that, where is Aeris? That is my 2nd vote :slight_smile:

I can’t stand Tifa OR Aeris.

I predict that I’ll be the only one to put Terra. She’s so damn melodramatic and pouty. She pisses me off. In second is Eiko, 'cuz she’s mean to Vivi.

Terra would be my third choice.

You put the ones not on there under OTHER dammit!

Krile/Cara gets my vote, I just always found her to be nothing but an annoying little brat, everyone else was at least ok, in my opinion.

It’s not so much I hate female characters in Final Fantasy games, I just hate it that they are so wussy all of the time. Usually the female character cannot function without the main male character, they’re often times jealous, whiny, bratty, not very good to use in the game, little self-confidence, and usually their victory stances show them being very relieved, or they check to make sure their hair is ok, or if they have big boobs, show them off. Also when you beat the Turks for the last time and they run off, Elena takes out a compact and fixes the makeup on her face. Um… isn’t she supposed to be a spy and assassin? You usually don’t worry about how your makeup is after you narrowly escape froma deadly battle. It’s not the character’s fault of course, just kind of Japanese society…

Eiko. She’s horrible to Vivi, is completely annoying and is pretty much a crappy version of Dagger in battle.