Least Favorite D2 Class

What is your least Favorite Diablo 2 Class?
I think I’ll see a lot of Babarian in this thread. After trying out all the class, I have to say, the Babarian was better than I expected, and the one that deceived me (Alot) was the paladin.

A lot of People says that the Babarian is just pure Hack and Slash without strategie. Maybe, maybe not. I don’t think so. He got Warcries, Masteries improve basic skills, and at least the Barbarian had decent fighting skills. Things like Double-Throw and Whirlwind really gave my Barbarian a edge.
The Paladin was lacking good basics skills and fighting skills. FotH isn’t that good for Crowd control (Altrought its great on Bosses). And his auras are impressive, especially in the later game, wich could make him a must on parties, but he still lacked something IMO…

But really, I like them all

I dislike amazons the most of all. I think they take the least amount of strategy for monsters. Against players they do, but that goes with all characters.

The general amazons you see roaming around are all the same. Here’s a run down of a monster encounter as an amazon:
-Stumble upons a group of monsters…
-Fire volleys of arrows into the group using multi shot…
-Moves on…

I do agree with you that the paladins could use a boost somewhere. But if you build them right, they’re awesome.

Well, overall, I dislike the Sorc the most. A lot of people would want me hung drawn and quartered for saying so, but really. Once you hit nightmare, you walk through the game, until hell, where you have such a hard time with things that it’s just not worth it. Plus, there are a few magic IMMUNE random bosses out there. Even physical immune doesn’t suck as much as that! The sorc is the only class that doesn’t have at least one move of each physical and magical. Even the barb has each so that he can survive.

Necromancer - The only character I couldn’t level up to 99. I found it too hard to play past level 60 odd and they lag the server like fuck.

I can’t really say that much, I like them all. The Paladin though, could use a boost in HP and attack power. It focuses too much on defensive moves.