Learning to solder

I got a few books that have to do with electronics projects, but I don’t really have the soldering experience that some of them require. My work with electronics has largely been limited to sticking wires and other components into breadboards. I did do a small soldering job once on my PS2, and fucked it up. (Though the PS2 wasn’t working beforehand either, so who’s to say whose fault it was…)

Googling for “soldering guides” came up with some good pointers, but I’m looking for something more in-depth. A good soldering book would be ideal, maybe even something that covers other electronic hobbyist topics as well.

This is something I’d be interested in as well. I have all the equipment to learn how to solder, but my first attempt ended poorly and I haven’t had a chance to try it again. Hopefully with some better instruction I could do it right this time.

I found a few links that looked helpful :>




Is it really that hard? I took a little summer course on electronics at the local vo-tech school back when I was in jr. high, and the soldering itself wasn’t hard, I don’t recall.

I soldered my hand once.


I’m sure it’s pretty easy. But the thing with easy things is… people often assume you know them, so it’s not always easy to find out how to do them. And people who are already proficient in it consider it such an easy thing to learn, they can’t be bothered to show you how to do it. “Just figure it out yourself,” they say.