League of Legends?

Is anybody here in the League of Legends beta? If so, this is a game that we could be playing!

For those of you who don’t know: Ever play Warcraft 3? Ever play DotA or one of its myriad clones? League of Legends is basically one of those sans WC3, made by some of the people behind DotA.

It’s in closed beta at the moment. If anyone here is not in it and would like to be, follow them on Facebook. Everybody who does so will get a beta key when they reach 40,000 followers.

Besides hearing terribly lame things about the game, it’s incredibly hard to run - i just got a new graphics card for the express purpose of playing newer games, and I still can’t run League of Legends at more than 25 frames per second, with a lot of garbage displayed on the screen and characters suddenly teleporting to their destination. Forrrget it. Just play DotA.

…really? That’s strange. My computer is on the low end of middle-of-the-line. I can just about run Half-Life 2 and derivatives with the graphics settings turned down a bit but that’s the extent of it. And with that in mind, I’ve had no such problems. No graphical problems at all, for that matter. It runs very smoothly for me. In all due respect, I think the issue may be on your end.

As for the purported lameness…well, to each his own. All I can say is, I’m enjoying it.

Heroes of Newerth is basically dota 2.0 (and in a lot of people’s opinion better then League of Legends). The system requirements are practically non-existent and it’s multi-platform if you want to play games on your mac or linux box for some reason.

I have some beta invites if anyone wants one.

HoN is okay, but it’s seriously just DotA with less stuff, too. It is beginning to deviate from that, but it’s got a long way to go, and they’re still doing DotA hero ports, so they’re not doing much to try and differentiate themselves from DotA at the moment.

Every time they do something to differentiate themselves from dota nerds start raging at them on their forums.