Le math~

r nE ofF U iN Or pAsT pReCaL n LiVe in kAly4nYa n wAnNa hElp a dUmMy 4 cAsH? :x Or if you don’t live in California and you still know math and just wanna help me? :smiley:

I don’t live in Cali but I’ll help for pay. >:O

Could you type that again in english? It hurts my Engrish…

This may seem aproritate: http://www.rpgclassics.com/~onlinelife/Comicpage.php?date=2001-07-28


also, it’s better to get help from a tutoring service or someone you have connections to rather than ask on an RPG board :confused:

Well, I need help with math and I’m willing to pay 15 dollars a week! (Tutoring services want that in just ONE hour, but 15 dollars = lunch money for a week) And my janky friends are stupider than me and I’m the only smart person they know, so I can’t ask them. :bowser:

You’re right… $15 is lunch money. That’s like less than minimum wage if it’s more than an hour or two and I doubt anyone would really want to waste their time for such a dinky amount of money :confused: If you have a question just post it on these forums and generally you can get some help for free.

I charged 20-25 an hour when I lived in California.

i’m still trying to figure out how you ever made it past addition and subtraction

When I read that for the first time I thought you’d said “torturing service” there >_<

I’ll help you 2+2=43, I miSsded ,the firs dAy of kiNerGartn and neVEer caTched uP.

Err, yeah. 20 dollars an hour? Don’t you think that’s a tad too much? As far as I know, nobody would take more than 5 euro per hour here for helping somebody to understand maths…

Man, he only wants help with math, not a puff-puff.

Well if there was some specific problelm we could help you with. Then sure feel free to ask, but don’t expect anyone to actually voluteer their time.

We’ll do this, for free! Just the Odd Question!

The apothem of a regular pentagon is 10.8 centimeters
a. Find the radius of the circumscribed circle.
b. What is the length of a side of the pentagon?
c. Find the perimeter of the pentagon.

How old are you? =/

16 :cool:

Look at it this way, if their parents were stupid enough to pay that, what does that mean about what the kid has to live up to? Orange County rocked for people with money to waste.

If you’re implying he’s stupid for asking a question about math, you are the biggest hypocrite on these boards.

funniest comment of the week.