lazy insults

what’s the laziest insult you guys and gals have heard?

I think the laziest one I’ve heard is “Your mommas”. Yes, that’s an insult directed at multiple people.

I’d have to say any stock insult, like “your mom,” “you suck,” “fuck you” or whatever.

Ah, the fine art of the insult. How far have you fallen.

YOU’RE (insert last thing person said here)!


Person A: “So I saw this pack of batteries at the store for $5.”
Person B: “YOU’RE $5!”

You’re boring!
You’re a nerd!
C’est comme ta mère!

You fucking Canadian.

“You ACT like The 984.” :hahaha;

I mean, that’s just a cheap shot and unnecessarily cruel. At least say they’re ugly or something.

I love you 984!

You fucking American.

See ? Two can play at this game :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha I do that all of the time.

YOU do that all the time!

ZING! Take that Eva!

This girl in my class thinks she is insulting people by saying ur mom at the end of every ones saying, Example: you would be talking about monkeys, she would say ( when ur finished with ur sentence) your moms a monkey.

That Napolean Dynomite Movie is a bad influence on immature people like her. That movie might have some funny parts, but really its stupid.

No zing, he has to add in “maybe” in front of the YOU do it all of the time so there’s a chance to take back perviously posted statement just in case victimized person decides to get angry and kick agressor’s ass.

Well I always do.

And Nightmare Gun, I doubt that Napolean Dynamite had anything to do with turning our children’s grey matter into slush. If you don’t get stupid humour, then you don’t get stupid humour.

My mom…Yes…my mom…

Insults in stock-
Looks like the best part of you crawled out the crack in your moma’s ass and ended up as the brown stain on the matress!

I tell someone to raise thier hand on a que when I say something*
I use something bad like gay as a substitute and say another word similar If you are gay here raise your hand.While sayin gay odd-like.
I am too lazy to type.My ass you are boy!

Respond to any insult with a “Yes” ala the “fancy” man from the Simpson’s. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice.


take their insult and say it back.

“No you’re stupid”
“No you’re fat”

and so on

“Oh yeah? Well your mom is very polite and well mannered.”


OMFG doubleve post. U is banned to the evils of sala m i.