Lavoneon Chronicles

Well this is my first story to post. It’s even the first one I ever wrote although I’ve enhanced it before getting it ready. I’m looking for feedback to help me improve my style. It was inspired by red from Saga frontier but aside from 1 of the heroes and maynbe a few villians nothing else is similar. Now without further ado i present to you.
<center>Lavoneon Chronicles.
2001 A.D.</center>
Seth sat in his room pondering the recent events. A strange ship landed on a small uninhabited island two weeks ago. A crew had been sent to investigate and never made it to the island. Two days later all television broadcasts suddenly stopped People had started panicking. His town was in a state of chaos. People were rioting in the streets Prophets were declaring the end of the world. He personally believed it was some sort of alien invasion, but who’d want to invade this planet. It’s been so mistreated that there are probably billions of better planets out
there. In any case we’re in no state to defend ourselves. The three continents have been continually at war causing them to have massive military capabilities but almost no soldiers to
pilot it all and even then they wouldn’t work together. He then got to thinking what his father would do if he were still there. It was strange how he’d disappeared. He’d never been afraid of
anything but he just up and left one day.

       Suddenly Seth’s mother’s voice comes up the stairs, “Seth.  It’s dinner time, would you- huh who are you?” Seth stops half way from getting up. His sister Sadira’s voice can  be heard with a hint of fear, “Mommy who are the men in the black suits that say Lavos? ”Seth thinks fast (Lavos, It must be them.) Seth opens his drawer and pulls out a laser pistol. Seth runs down the stairs adrenaline rushing from a mixture of fear and a strange excitement. As soon as he turns the corner, he sees a soldier holding a gun toward his family. He fires disintegrating the soldier instantly. Before Seth can scout the room for another soldier, a beam hits him in the back trapping him in a block of ice and knocking him unconscious . Before anything else can happen a small bit of the beam that hit Seth hits a main support for the building ad it starts shaking. Everyone  rushes out as the building collapses burying the Frozen Seth beneath it.


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<center>Chapter 1
563 R. of L.</center>
A strange man in a white lab coat with a mad scientist look and a peculiar woman in loose clothes and a laser on her side are working over a table. A barely visible man is inside a block of foggy ice. The strange man looks down at the ice, “Just press this button and.” The ice suddenly melts revealing one very pale Seth. “I think he’s coming to.”

The peculiar Woman looks over, “Hopefully being frozen all this time has spared him from the virus.”

Suddenly Seth’s eyes flash open and his body shivers violently. He grasps for a grip on his rapidly reviving senses.  He looks around and sees a strange room full of contraptions. He then spots the two people, “What huh. Who are you? Where am I? How did I get here?”

The Strange man looks down at him, “Calm down now. Take it one question at a time. I am Professor Slime and this is my assistant terry. Now this may be a shock but. You’ve been frozen for almost six hundred years.”

Seth looks at him in surprise, “What, Six hundred years, How is that possible?”

Terry speaks reassuringly, “You were preserved under the ruins of this city. We just now reanimated you.”

Seth looks around as if to reassure himself he’s not dreaming, “What happened while I was frozen?”

Professor Slime frowns, “Lavos took over the planet, Enslaved the Human race, Became immortal, and infected every human with an anti hero virus.”

Terry looks at him as if begging him, “We believe that you are not infected with the virus because you were frozen. Will you be our Hero?”

Seth thinks for a moment as if suddenly considering a new option than the despair that had begun to creep over him, “My family, friends, Everyone I knew is dead. Whatever you need me to do I’ll do it.”

Slime smiles, “Excellent. Now there is one thing you should know before we do this. You need to keep your identity a secret. Not only will it make you less vulnerable it will reduce the risk of a time ripple removing your powers.”

Seth looks at him, “What do you mean by a time ripple?”

Terry walks out of the base, “I’ll explain on the way.” Seth follows Terry out the door, Terry talks as they walk around the streets. “We are heading to an old energy lab. Now we have to be careful. Lavos’ goons are patrolling the streets. Fighting him in this time would be suicide so once you’ve obtained a transformer we’ll send you back in time to a month after you were frozen.” 

Suddenly Terry tackles Seth and they fall into a gathering of garbage bags as two manlike mechs with laser rifles come walking by, “You need to be more careful.”

Terry leads Seth for another minute and then he enters an abandoned building, and indicates for Seth to follow. Seth walks in as well. The walls are dulled from age but still have some spots that sparkle with white like they had when they were new. Terry looks around, “We need to get to the energy room. It’s this way.”

Terry leads Seth through the facility. “The energy room is just through that door.”

A mech speaks behind them, “Who dares enter this facility.” 

Terry turns around and sees a caped mech with body armor and a gun and laser sword arm, “Uh oh. Mech lord. Seth take this card and go into the next room. I’ll hold him off.” Terry pulls out a laser sword and swings at Mech lord while Seth runs into the next room. 

Seth puts the card into a console and a tank opens up. He steps in and before the lid closes he hears a scream from the other room. Mech lord enters the room as a warrior in golden armor and a futuristic helm steps out of the tank.

The warrior looks at Mech lord, “It’s time to pay for your deeds.”

Mech lord scoffs at the warrior, “And who the hell are you?”

The man smiles, “Alcane’s the name fighting scum like you is the game. Raysword”

Alcane creates a sword of energy in his hand and slices Mech lord apart. Alcane walks into the next room. 

Terry looks up at him from the floor. He’s badly wounded and bleeding fiercely, “Seth if that’s you get back to the lab without getting caught. Hurry if you succeed none of this will ever happ-ugh.” Terry collapses dead.

Alcane takes a moment to grieve than lifts his head, “These mechs will pay for this but I must get back to the base.” Alcane rushes back to the base to find professor slime wounded and the lab a mess. Alcane pulls a piece of metal off of him and looks down. Slime gets up and crawls over to a console.

Slime hits a few buttons and a cylinder opens, “Hurry. Lavos men will be back. I got rid of them temporarily. I’m sending you back now. You’ll be in your hometown. Hurry. You must not let Lavos become immortal.” Alcane steps into the capsule and Slime hits a button.

<center>Chapter 2
2001 A. D.</center>
Seth appears in a charred town. Everything is burnt to the ground. “Wow. Huh I’m back to normal. Hey what’s this device on my arm.” Seth lifts up his arm and examines it. There is a golden object similar to a laser pistol barrel.

He opens and finds two buttons inside. One labeled transform and another labeled time, “I’ll play with this later.” Seth examines the ruins and he notices a small piece of metal. He digs it out and recognizes it instantly.

It is the nameplate he’d hung on his bedroom door. Seth throws the plate to the ground and clenches his fist as he realizes he’s staring at the ruins of his house, “Where is Lavos. I have a raysword to pick with him.”

Suddenly a laser skims past his shoulder and he sees two men with Lavos uniforms chasing him. He begins to run using the wreckage of the houses as cover, “I need to find somewhere to transform.” He looks back and trips over a grate. He looks down and quickly opens the grate hops in and closes the lid.

He hears the men walk by overhead, “Whew that was-“ He notices three guns are pointed to his head.
A man speaks, “An outsider eh. You’re going to have to come with us.”


The men lead Seth through an underground maze to an underground city and meet up with a savage looking man with a robotic eye, a spiky breastplate and a laser blade at his hip, “So what took you all so long and who’s the kid with the laser?” Seth looks at his hip he’d forgotten about the laser he’d had there. 

One of the men looks at Seth’s laser, a little worried, “We ran into some of the local soldiers and had to dispatch of them. On the way back we bumped into this kid sneaking in grate 12.”

The man holds his hand next to his laser blade, “So. Who in the Demons realm are you and what are you doing here?”

Seth looks at him with a slightly scared face, “My name’s Seth. I was running from some of Lavos’ Goons and I tripped over the grate, so I decided to hide inside it.”	

The man frowns, “All right who left grate 12 unlatched? This is exactly the reason why we lock the grates. And Striker why didn’t you remove his weapon when you thought he was a possible threat?”

The man who had spoken before shrugs, “Well commander Terry, it was Dark and we were a little shaken so we forgot to check for weapons.”

Terry looks at the man like he’s an idiot, “For all you know he could have had a tracking device or a mini nuke. You’re lucky he doesn’t though. So kid are you any good with that laser?”

Seth looks at Terry, “Well. I’ve only used it once before so I’m not that experienced but I did pretty well that time.”

Terry smiles, “So kid you feel like joining the Anti Lavos corps?”

Seth, “That sounds like something I could go for.”

Terry puts his hand forward and shakes Seth’s hand, “Welcome aboard. Now lets get you some basic training.”

It looks interesting Vs… I think I’ll read this one. :slight_smile:

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So. what’s with the no post. it to good to critisize to bad to even bother. Not interesting enough for the effort or just not far enough into the story for you to decide. [/b]

You don’t need to bump a four hour old post, it’s already near the top in that situation anyway, or at least on the first page. And don’t worry about a lack of posts, I’ve got a story that’s a month old or so and has a total of two responses.

Now, my opinions on the story itself:
Everything is moving very quickly. While this isn’t bad in and of itself, not much time is being spent explaining the situation. I can understand the reasoning behind it, but you will explain a little more clearly what’s going on when you get to a point in your story where you have a chance to, right?
Also, more detail is almost always a good thing.
Minor point: I think usually the term is written “mech”, as in mechanical soldier/armor/man/whatever, unless your mecs are something else.

Thanks Demi God. I always had little trouble with adding a lot of detail. I made a slight change to todays plot because I’d forgot to add a bit to explain what exactly everyone knows. Now on to Chapter 3.
<center>Chapter 3</center>

Seth is lead to a room by one of the guards and he walks in. The room is large and appears to have a very large light on the roof that’s turned off. Inside is a woman in a lab coat. She turns to him, “You must be Seth. I was told to expect you. I’m Sarah Slime. I’ll be running you through your basic training.”

Seth thinks for a second (I wonder if Terry and her are related to the two I met in the future. I guess there isn’t anyway to find out.) Seth looks up at Sarah, “I haven’t really had a chance to think since Lavos men came. Who exactly is Lavos?”

Sarah frowns, “No one has actually seen Lavos and lived to tell about it other than his generals. He landed on a small island which weve designated Lavos Island. He began to build a fortress there. A small group attempted to investigate and he captured them. Shortly after a few came back and began recruiting people to his forces. He now has nearly complete control over this continent. He is trying to eradicate all of us before he moves on to the others. We have not been able to ask the other continents for help but we believe they know of Lavos presence.”

Seth looks at her for a while, “That is bad. I never would of thought someone could conquer a continent in a month. So what does this basic training involve?”

Sarah smiles, “Well first off we run you through an obstacle course to see how skilled you are already. Now you take your pistol and I’ll back off and see how you do.”

Suddenly the room changes as a hologram is cast over it from thedevice on the cieling. Seth is now in the middle of a storage room of a fortress. Three holograms are beside him. One of them speaks, “All right. You two take the wings. New guy(He looks at Seth.) You cover me while I get to the power supply and cut it off. Seth nods and follows the leader to a door. The leader takes position beside the door and Seth takes position on the other side. Seth is starting to get excited. The leader hits a button and the door opens. Seth looks around the corner and sees two guards he fires a shot and hits one, disintegrating him. The other guard is shot by the leader. Suddenly another guard strafes around the corner and starts to fire. He is shot by one of the other two soldiers who’s on a railing up above causing the guards aim to glance off slightly. It fires a beam that hits the wall near Seth’s shoulder. Seth’s adrenaline level goes sky high. Suddenly a guard comes out on the railing and before he can fire at the distracted soldier on the railing Seth hits him with his laser. Seth is now moving mechanically. His every movement perfect. It was like a dream. As if he had no control over his actions. It appeared his instinct had taken over. By the end of the scenario Seth had shot a countless number of guards.

When it was finally over, Seth looked around. He had trouble believing he’d done it but for some reason he’d enjoyed it. He turns to Sarah who is awed, “Are you sure that was your second time using that laser?”

Seth stares at her awed himself, “Yes. It was. My father was an excellent gunman but he never let me go near one. I found this in his room after he left and hid it in my dresser. I pulled it out when Lavos men came to my house fired at one of the guards and uh ran.”

Sarah stares at him amused, “That was definitely interesting. So Terry, anything you’d like to say?”

Seth looks over and sees Terry near the door, “Terry I didn’t know you were watching.”

Terry smiles, “I didn’t know you were that good with a gun. You really must have inherited your father’s skill. Now from what I’ve seen you don’t need any more training. We were going to attack one of Lavos’ generals who is in charge of this area. I’d like it if you came along.”

Seth looks at him, “Sounds fun. I’ll go.”

Terry smiles even more, “Great. Let’s head over to the briefing room.”

Seth follows Terry and Sarah to a large brightly lit room. A holographic projector is in the middle. Eight people are around it. Seth Terry and Sarah sit down. Terry speaks, “All right, we now have enough forces to assault Terra. We will send in a small squadron while a larger squadron lays siege to the west side. We will then take out Terras bodyguards and assault Terra directly. Any questions.”

Seth looks at him, “How big is this anti Lavos corps.”

Terry laughs, “All right. We have more than 200 men here and a team in Blackout investigating another of Lavos’ Generals. We hope to increase our strength after defeating Terra. Now any questions about the mission.”

Suddenly an alarm flairs off, “Warning intruder alert, warning intruder alert, all men report to battle stations.”

Looks like it could become something really good, VS. Couple of things though, I think that you should make a new line/paragraph when somebody starts to speak, or at least when they stop talking. It makes it easier to read when the dialoge isn’t melded into the text so to speak.
Also, you seem to lack questionmarks at the end of some questions.
Finally, there’s no need for extra capital letters when the alarm goes off at the end of the last chapter, those are commas and not punctuation/question/exclamation marks, ergo there should be small letters.

I might smooth out the speaking in the final draft. And the alarm going off error was because I originally had periods there untill I proofread it but I forgot to change to small when I downgraded it. I’m going over the questions now but I might miss something.

dryly Bad rehearsal, good performance?

me likes… :victoly:

<center>Chapter 4</center>
The meeting ended instantly. Everyone in the room charged out the door. Terry spoke into a communicator, “What’s going on stat.”

A voice comes in from the other end, "A little red thing is zipping around the base. We can't get a lock on it. Hey it's in here bzzt."

Terry looks at it, "Stat. Say something. Damn it. Seth Sarah. Come with me to the comm. hut. Everyone else go to your positions."

Seth Terry and Sarah draw their weapons and head for a small hut at the highest point of the underground city. When they get there they find a man and a red-haired girl with red ninja clothes and a sack playing tug of war with an antenna. Terry looks up, "Stat you're all right."

The man speaks without taking his eyes off the girl, "No thanks to your men. This little wench can really move. She got the control panel and cut all comms in the entire facility. Now a little help would be appreciated."

Seth Terry and Sarah all aim their lasers at the girl simultaneously. The girl glances over and shrieks with a squeaky voice, "Uh oh. Time to get going." The girl releases the antenna and takes off in a blur.

Seth runs after her. Seth thinks, (She's really fast. I can't catch up to her like this. Maybe I can cut her off. Now where's she heading.) 

Seth glances around. The red blur is zipping around the base looting it. Seth starts to see a pattern in her movements. (So if she keeps this up she’ll be jumping across those roofs now.) Seth Runs and jumps into the air clasping as he does and grabs onto something lumpy. It quickly drags him through the air and into a wall.

The girl looks down from the roof to find Seth holding onto her sack, “Argh let go of it, now off shoe.”

Seth groans and barely holds on after hitting the wall, "I can't let you go. If you tell Lavos about this place a lot of people will be in danger."

The girl looks offended, "Tell that over grown dictator about this place puhh-leaze. Even if he had enough to pay for the info, he's really bad business. Now I've got to get going so see ya." The girl sticks out her tongue while stretching the skin near her eye down and throws a smokebomb in Seth's face. Seth releases the sack to cover his eyes.

Seth looks down, "Oh crap." Seth falls to the ground and hits it hard as the girl takes off in a blur leaving the underground base. Seth groans, "I've really got to be more careful."

Terry runs over to Seth and gasps, "Are you all right. You just fell 8 feet."

Seth groans, "Do I look all right to you?"

Terry smirks, "Well no. Should I send for help?"

Seth gets up and staggers then regains his balance, "Nah. I'll be fine in a few minutes. Now was that the first time something like that happened?"

Terry smiles, "Yeah that was something else. I've never seen anything move that fast. But oh yeah we need to catch her. We can't let Lavos find out the location of this bace."

Seth smiles, “I don’t think you have to worry about her. She won’t tell anyone anything of her own free will and there’s no way Lavos is going to catch her.”

Terry looks at him oddly, "How can you be so sure?"

Seth looks at him smiling even more, "She's just a child. This was a game to her. And I must say she plays it well. Now what I'd be more worried about is what she took and how to replace it."

Terry frowns, "Ahh. That is difficult. Maybe we can find something to replace it in Terra's fortress. We still attack it in the morning. Hopefully you're back in your best shape by then."

<center>Chapter 5</center>

Seth is awakend from a nightmare as his alarm rang off, He quickly shut it off and looked around. He was in a small crew quarter with nothing but a bed and a dresser. He quickly throws on his clothes and yawns, “All right. Now why did I have to get up this early again.”

An announcement rings off over the communications system, "All soldiers assigned to assault Terra please proceed to deployment area."

Seth glances around, "Deployment area. I don't remember being told about a deployment Area."

A second later a loud knock hits his door. Terry's voice rings in, "Damn it are you still sleeping? Why I oughta."

Seth cries out, "I'm up I'm up," and quickly opens the door. 

A very messy haired Terry looks at him from the other side. Seth stifles a snicker. Terry growls, "I'm not a morning person and if you have a problem with that you can discuss it with my laser blade."

Seth pales, "No. No problem. You wanted to tell me something."

Terry grumbles, "The deployment area is two alleys to the right and one to the left. Now I have a meeting with a comb before I make my announcement." Terry walks off.

Seth looks at him puzzled, "I don't know whether to treat him like a badass,  a ditz, or a strange combination of both. Now the Deployment area was two alleys to the right and one to the left or was it right again." Seth sees several people heading in the same direction, "Meh I guess I'll just follow the crowd."

Seth follows the soldiers to a large plaza full of soldiers. They all get organized into units and Sarah motions for Seth to come over and join her. Sarah no longer has her labcoat on and is wearing a black suit and has a laser scope over her eye. She looks at him, "I thought you'd never get here. What did you do, set your alarm for five minutes before you had to show?" Seth gets slightly embarrassed. Sarah looks at him and giggles, "You did didn't you? I suppose it's all right because you did get here eventually. Oh Terry is about to make his speech. He just loves to make this speech."

Terry walks up to a podium. His hair is neatly combed in a heroic style. He looks at everyone with a neutral face, "Today is the day we deal a fatal blow to Lavos. He's allowed one of his generals to become vulnerable. Today we will march forth and destroy Lavos grip on this region. Some of you might not make it, but know that, you fight for the freedom of the entire human race. Now onto the fortress of Terra."

The entire base is filled with the cheers of soldiers as they march off into the tunnels. Sarah leads Seth and the other five members of their squad over to Terry. Terry looks at them, "Well. We have the hard job. While the others use grate 15 to attack the main hoard of Terras army we will sneak out of grate 18 and infiltrate Terra's base and destroy Terra. Let's move out."

Terry leads his small troop through the tunnels for a few minutes and stops under a grate, "This is it. Darwin open it and check if it's clear." One of the men in the troop opens the grate and looks out.

He is quiet as he looks around then he looks back down, "It's all clear." He hops up through the grate.							
Terry turns to the soldiers, "Everyone out one at a time. Prepare to make for cover if it gets nasty." Sarah goes through the grate followed by three soldiers and then Seth. Seth looks around. He's in the outskirts of his hometown. He can see the back of a poorly constructed fortress. He hears the sound of laser fire in the distance.

Terry finally crawls out of the grate, "All right, Seth, striker, and kid with me. We ‘ll take the main gate. Everyone else go with Sarah. You sneak in from the second floor and provide cover."

Sarah 2 light armored soldiers and Darwen head over to a ledge and throws up a ladder. Terry leads Seth and two heavily armored guards to a door. One of the soldiers plants a charge on the door and they all stay around the ledge. The soldier detonates the charge and it makes a tiny explosion blowing the door open. 

Seth Terry and the other guard quickly run in and fire at the three guards rushing for the door wiping them out. A strange woman with red eyes a crystalline suit of full body armor and one mean hairdo turns around, "So. You've made your move at last."

It takes a moment for it to set in that they are facing Terra. Terra laughs, "Guards dispose of them." Four guards cock their weapons and disintegrate as Sarah's team drops down and prevents Terra's retreat. Terra smiles, "Good. Both of the leaders made it. Now I can kill you both at the same time."

They all fire at Terra. The lasers hit Terra but merely cause her armor to glow. She laughs more, "Pathetic. Now it's my turn." Terra fires two beams, one from each arm and disintegrates Striker and kid.

Seth gets mad, "Why you. Argh." Seth charges forward and sends a drop kick toward Terra. Terry screams, "nooo." Terra grabs Seth's leg in mid air and throws him into the air through a pillar and into the wall on the second floor.

Terra looks at the remaining soldiers, "Anyone else feel like being foolish?"


Seth glances around him. Aside from an extreme pain in his back he seemed to be all right. He heard Terra make a comment down below. He glanced around. No one could see him, "I guess it's time to see what this gizmo can do." He opens the device on his wrist and hits transform.

A bright light envelopes Seth and he is suddenly feeling much better. He looks at himself. His armor and cape shining like the sun, "I think Terra's in for a world of hurt."


Terry charges at Terra his laser blade ready. Terra grabs his arm rips the blade out of it tosses it away and grips his throat, “You begin to bore me pathetic one.”

Alcane's voice pierces Terras attention as he appears on the edge of the balcony, "Terra, it's time for you to feel the wrath of Justice."

Terra drops the blue Terry and looks at Alcane, "Flashy clothes alone won't save you. Now let's see whose wrath is greater. Terra Force." Terra fires a huge ball of energy at Alcane as Alcane drops to the ground causing it to fly over his head.

Alcane smiles, "Flash fist." Alcane punches Terra and a bright light erupts from his hand sending Terra into the wall. 	
Terra gets up and wipes a drop of sweat off her head, "I admit that Flash fist packs quite a punch, it even knocked the wind out of me but it was harmless to my armor."

Alcane smiles, "I'll have to do something about that. Ray sword."Alcane brings raysword

down on Terra slicing her armor in two causing it to fall off.

Terra's face retorts in fury, "My armor. You broke my armor. Why you. Terra Force." Terra fires the giant ball of energy at Alcane but he has no time to dodge. It envelopes him and sends him toward the wall.

Alcane thinks fast, "This will be fatal. I need a way out. Wait maybe if I this is my only chance. Flash fist." Alcane punches the energy and it stops for a split second and rockets toward Terra.

Terra looks at the Terra force flying at her, "My armor is gone. This is going to hurt" the blast nails Terra head on and she screams. When the smoke clears Terra is gone. Alcane looks down at Terry, "My job here is done. I'm taking the wounded boy somewhere safe." Alcane jumps up to the second floor and disappears.

Terry looks around in disbelief, "Wow, just wow."

Lavos H. Q.

A dark figure is sitting on a thrown, "Scissors Any information on Terras domain?"

A man with robotic arms with scissors for hands replies, "Lavos I'm afraid a hero named Alcane entered his facility and defeated him."

Lavos growls, "Were his guards of no use?"

Scissors scowls, "They were defeated by the rebels."

Lavos scowls, "Very well. Carrier do you have any idea where this hero will head next?"

A man in a power suit with a bald head replies, "The logical place would be Maniacs territory"

A Dark figure laughs maniacally, "This should be fun. If you'll excuse me, I must prepare." The dark figure leaves.

Lavos smiles, "Scissors, Destroyer watch his back. The rest of you leave me. I have texts to decipher."

A man with shock absorbers on his legs and a massive cannon for his right arm replies, "Very well my lord."

The wierdest thing just happenned. Some guy I’d never seen before in my life just walked up to me and asked me when chapter 6 would be done. It was creepy. And I should have it posted by later tonight. I was tired yesterday so It’s not done yet.

<center>Chapter 6
Slums of Blackout</center>
Seth had wandered here after leaving Terra’s base. He knew that the rebels would be very helpful in defeating Lavos, but staying with them made it too difficult to keep Alcane a secret. He’d remembered that a small group was investigating one of Lavos’ generals in the Slums of Blackout so he’d decided to go there.

Seth decided as he looked around that the slums lived up to its name. There was poverty everywhere. He looked out of place with his decent quality clothes. He remembered being taught about how it got its name. Apparently 12 years ago some terrorists set off an E. M. P. pulse that caused a three month long blackout where the townspeople ran out of food and degraded into chaos. Now the only ones that live there are the salvagers and the starving. The salvagers were people who gather up the junk of the town and use it to make things.

One man yelled out to Seth from a small hut on the side of the street.”Sir could you spare some change for food?”

Seth glances over at the man, “Why don’t you just use the food processors.”

The man frowned, “A few weeks ago a gang showed up with a freaky leader and took over the food processors. Now they’re charging ridiculous prices for food.”

Seth grumbles, “I need to find Lavos.”

A mech steps out of an alley, “Why do you need to find Lavos?”

Seth spins toward the Mech, “I need to put a stop to what he’s doing here and if you’re one of his soldiers.”

The mech lowers it’s weapons, “I was worried that you were one of his and the food problem here has nothing to do with Lavos. Even in the state the world is in now Humans continue to use other Humans. It’s despicable. My designation’s N020V. I may be able to help you on both matters.”

Seth glances at him, “And how exactly do you plan to do that.”

N020V turns around, “Follow me.”

Seth follows N020V through Blackout and enters a house.
A gruff man with a cigarette in his mouth and a sword on his back grouchily speaks, “N020V who’s the punk with the laser?”

N020V replies, “Guy, this man sais he’s here to beat Lavos and his men.”

Guy smiles, “So some wannabe hero thinks he can take on Maniac. What’s your name punk?”

Seth laughs a little at the wannabe hero comment and 

replies, “The name’s Seth and this Maniac can’t be all that tough.”

Guy frowns, “If you think like that you won’t stand a chance against him but we could use the help. My companions are Mei-Lang(He points to an Asian(Or at least someone who looks Asian) girl with globe earnings.) She’s an elementalist who’s good with a gun, Fifi ( He points to a rabbit like creature with a girl’s face and a really bushy tail.) She’s a member of a rare species that can absorb creatures and then transform into anything she ‘s absorbed, and you’ve already met N020V. Now we received a tip that Maniac will be at the battle arena today and we were planning to attack when N020V got back. You’re welcome to come along.”

Seth smiles, “Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

<center>Battle Arena</center>

Seth and his small group walk through the doors. Guy looks around, “Now to just wait and see.”

An announcer comes over a P. A., “You saw it folks. Goliath dominated David. Now for our next match, It’s a mech N020V vs. what this can’t be right M, M, M, Maniac.”

Everyone looks at each other as two bouncers approach them.

This is looking good, VS. Other than what Weiila said, I can’t find anything else wrong with it.

Excuse me for not being on RPGC, by the way.

<center>Chapter 7</center>
Guy speaks fast, “Hold him off until we get there.”

A murmur comes over the crowd as N020V is led off by the bouncers.

Guy looks around a glint of Panic in his eye, "We have to get in there! Everyone hurry to the roof"

Guy quickly leads the group to a ladder that takes them to the roof. They look through a skylight as N020V walks out of a door."

Fifi cues, "That's a long drop. I'll transform into a flying creature."

Mei Lang, "I shall focus my energies and float down."

Guy, "Seth secure this rope for me and I'll climb down."

Seth, "What about me I have no way of getting down."

Guy, "Your right. Secure the rope and then wait downstairs incase Maniac gets away."

They crash through the skylight and drop down as Seth holds the rope, "All right they are gone. Alcane transform." The golden light envelopes Seth and Alcane is once again active, "Now how do I get in. Of course the same way N020V did."

<center>Battle pit</center

A man with raggy clothes. Green orbs in his head and on the palms of his hands and feet and razor gauntlets, is standing over N020V. N020V speaks, "Core damaged temporarily shutting down."										
Maniac laughs, "Giving up already."

Fifi and the others come down. Fifi speaks in a noble voice, "Stop right there."

Mei lang speaks in a deep wise voice, "Prepare to face the magic."

Guy yells in a gruff voice, "How would you like a blade to the Neck?"

Maniac just laughs, “Your pathetic and your little robot can’t help you now. The three of you can’t do a thing without him.”

Guy yells, “His name’s N020V and we don’t need his help to crush the likes of you.”

<center>Five minutes later</center>

Maniac laughs dryly, "That was too easy. And to think the only reason I did this was-"

The door N020V came through blows open and Alcane jumps through, “Maniac it’s time for you to perish.”

Maniac smiles, “You must be Alcane. I’ve prepared a little surprise for you. Catch me if you can.”

Maniac jumps out of the battle pit through the broken sky light. Alcane looks at the wounded warriors, “Final crusade.” Alcane emits a bright light that transfers some of his energy to heal the others.

Guy opens an eye and sees Alcane above him, "Who are you? Am I dead?"

Alcane smiles, "Don't worry your fine buy you need to rest. I'll take care of Maniac."

Alcane grabs onto Guys rope and quickly climbs out of the battle pit. He's sees Maniac off in the distance and quickly follows, "Damn he's fast."

Maniac leads Alcane to a Bar. Alcane glances at it and barges in.

Maniac looks at him from a bar stool. Everyone in the bar is dead, "I see you arrived just in time to die."

Alcane is breathing furiously from Final crusade and the chase, "I will not be the one to perish."

Maniac hits a button on an arm pad and a chain net falls toward Alcane but is sliced by raysword. Alcane then nails Maniac with Flash fist. 

Maniac hits another button and is healed by a med. spray.

Alcane is annoyed, “Fight fair.” Alcane slashes Maniacs arm band off with raysword.

Maniac screams, “Why you son of a, Die Psycho-dash” Maniac leaps at Alcane but is nailed in the head with flashfist. "Ouch why you. Die, die, die, die, die! Psycho-Bomb " Maniac grabs onto Alcane with the claws on his feet. Throws him into the wall and pummels him with his gauntlets.

Maniac Raises a gauntlet to finish him off and has his arm sliced off by raysword. Maniac howls, "My arm. You monster." Alcane finishes Maniac off by slicing him in two.

Alcane throws Maniac's lifeless corps off of him and stands up, "Next stop Battle Arena."

Two beings suddenly apparate in front of him. The one with scissor hands speaks, "Correction Next stop time realm." 

The other being with a massive cannon for a left arm chants, “Chronomaren Apparaseus”.

Alcane is confused, "What the heck are you-" A portal opens behind Alcane and sucks him in.