Lav <3


And to think of all the people who told me about this… snuggles the kawaii fluffysnugglebunny ^^

I also like the song. nod, nod

Dot dot dot …

Thankies Nessa KAWAII! Song was kinda cool too
Seems im the bunny girl and the kitty guy is representative of all guys i think are cute heh. Though i would keep the damn carrot for myself <<…>>

Haw, saw that a few weeks ago and was just thinking about it this afternoon. Nice timing.

KAWAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!11111oneoneoneoneone :slight_smile:

That was disturbingly cute. O_O;

Reminded me of those old Warner Bros cartoons with the badger and the skunk. I think it was that anyway…


Nanto kawaiiiii~! :3

Hmm. Cute, yeah. Cute! :kissy:

I’m THE BUNNY! ;_;

And all too cute.

Kawaii! ^^
Gonna save that one.

I love this so much, and I seriously need to find out what this song’s called.

Well, I’M da BEE!

I forget the song name, I spent some time looking for it but my results came up unanswered ;.;

Oh well, cool never the less ^^


turns into the cat >>

I want to hate this… I really, really do… but I can’t. The song rocks!

laughs That is cute… Poor cat. But then it all ended happily, so… Not poor cat!

“There She Is” by The Witches. Its a Japanese song/band so good luck trying to download it though…

I thought they were Korean?