Latest fanfic

Struck by a nasty bout of writer’s block and RL issues, I haven’t been able to find much time for fanfic’ing lately, but I’ve just updated my latest fanfic, an FFIX tale with the main cast consisting entirely of original characters. It takes place in Lindblum after Atomos decimates the Industrial District, and I took a lot of liberties with the roles of mages in IX’s world, but I’m happy so far with the result.

I’m just wondering if anyone fancies a read ^^ If you do, let me know what you think so far.

You can read what I have on or, whichever you prefer. ^^

Oooh… I’m afraid FFIX isn’t really my gig. But being by you, I’m sure it is transcendent.

Aww XD Thanks anyway then. I’m guessing FFIX isn’t all that popular :stuck_out_tongue: I was wondering why people weren’t biting.

No, I never did really like FFIX. X was better. X-2 is a bad pop music video made into a game. FFVI - FFVIII is what I consider the glory years.

No way. FFIV-FFVI is the glory years. FFIX, along with FFT, was one of the few bright stars in a sea of crap (VII, VIII, X, X-2).

I’ll prolly read it sometime soon. But not right now, I don’t have too much time on my hands.