Latest Arabian Nights Progress

Here we go! :runaway:
The new card list, with a test font, and one of the first test insertions, with the Dark Icon showed. More will follow.

Damn you, you never sent any screenshot of the battle menus :P. I hope you’ll be able to expand the menu or find some other way for displaying more text on it.

Also, to anyone who didn’t visit the site, there is an update there as well :wink:

As you can see there are several news :P. We are moving on to a new server soon where we’ll be able to offer more things.

Also, now that I have a few days of relax there will be some new updates on the site, so stay tunned ;).

Don’t worry, i’ve got a solution already :wink:

I’ve made another small update to the site, the FEoEZ section is up… and I uploaded some of the latest screenshots to the AN section.

I’ll update again in a few time (hopefully tomorrow), with some new things.

I’ve recently discovered who’s the most evil torturer in the world…


well because he’s holding back the goodies :stuck_out_tongue: so we’ll have to come back every day and just check (and thinkin, what if?) every day gdamnit :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe, no matter, i expect nothing less of kammedo and i think it’s terrific that there are people in the world that’ll do something for someone else for free, it’s commendable :>

Well i’ve said my piece!

Good Day! / Flawless :wave:

PS. i’ll probably be banned because of this poor excuse of a joke ;O DS.

Yeah, kammedo is evil, Law should forbid people like him. Let’s make a group against kammedo and take him to hell! :P.

Well, bad jokes aside, work on AN is going well from what I know :P.

And I hope kammedo would release a beta patch soon, and thus people could give opinions, what they’d change, etc, and release a really nice final or pre-final version, but there are still things to do.

Sounds good to me :), ffs kammedo let us, the gamers participate in your work :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw dudes, do you need anything ?

I got skills in Homepage Layouts, Creation of Music, Logotype Layouts etc the list is long but not my patience to write it alla down :wink:

Dunno, Tropicon makes some nice gfx work for us, although I prefer not to bother him nor anyone else and not to request things.

I’d like to try to make some changes to the site once we move, but more oriented to the site handling, like formatting and converting the projects sections to use SQL or something similar.

Anyway… I can say I don’t like the logo too much :P, well, I like the picture used, but not how it looks, when I look at the borders I think I’m gonna have my neck cut down lol.

The site design isn’t that great, but I won’t change it anytime soon, and I’d first rewrite a bit the code so it isn’t that bad, I thought about changing the site to allow different templates for it as well.

But there I already have other things to make, and we’d first move on to the new server.

Okey, but if you’d like i could make a prototype logotype thingie…? :stuck_out_tongue: when i have some spare time left

Of course i am !
I am the incarnation of pure evil :dancer:

Especially since you’re blingin!

I don’t consider it to be a high priority, and there is no rush at all. Of course any contribution is always welcome.

Very well, i’ll make one just for fun and we’ll see how you like it, i’ll type a msg when it’s rdy, i’m quite busy this next week, but i’ll try to fit it in, just 1 question, which type of logotype are you interested in ? Dark, Light, Heavy Metal(!), Lameass Techno ? ;O Good, Evil ? or a combo ? heh, well anyway, just name it and i’ll make something out of it, (hopefully) ;>

(damn i hate typos :expressionless: ) :boring:

Hmm what about some psychedelic / fantasy / horror logo?

psychadelic, meaning ?, like what ? :stuck_out_tongue:

hmm, i just received a picture from your words, so i’ll get to it :> i’ll post l8r

btw, what does “Yonin” mean ?, i’m not familiar with katakana or whatnot, but i was thinking of adding some nice text in the img, so; “The “Yonin” translators” and Yonin no Translators, will be visible and if you have any clue what does Yonin stand for in japanese “markings” ?, i have a japanese font wich i can work with, so i was wondering :> it could be a nice touch.

hmm instead of making a logotype i went all out and made a wallpaper ;O hehe, well i should get to wrk and make a logotype instead, cheers

I have a semi-done Logotype right now, how can i show it to you ?

[edit]Do you have a mail address, an msn address ?, do you have an irc channel ?[/edit]

thx, i hope you like it, i went for the horror and the psycho part ;O