Late night searches turn up odd things.

This is one of the more tame ones:

Indeed, truly odd.

And why does it have a search page in Klingon?

Obviously its been hacked :-p

They also have searches in Elmer Fudd-ish, Pig Latin, and whatever junk the “Swedish Chef” in the Muppets spoke.

A song comes to mind…“It’s All Been Done” by Bare Naked Ladies. It’s a perfect description for the topic. The only difference is that it was showing Elmer-fudd instead of hacking.

Anyways…does it actually search anything?

Yes, and it shows the results in the same language it was when you hit the search button.

Why can’t the results be in hax0rz, yo?

This was posted before.

The return of the return of the return of the overposted topic!


[Elmer Fudd]That damn wabbit![/Elmer Fudd]

It’s google employees being bored; or very foresighted. I can’t really tell which.

Originally posted by Cala

Why can’t the results be in hax0rz, yo? [/b]

affixes “kick me, I’m asking for it” sign firmly to his chest

Cala, whose mom were you searching for?

ducks, covers

What is this thread really about?

I just randomly searched for a word. I have a random-word generator proggie.

kicks anyway

Damn. I was waiting for a “YOUR MOM OHHHHHH1!!!1!!!111”

That goes without saying. 'sides, that joke’s just a LITTLE overkilled, doncha think? Along with an AKILL and a nuke dropped on it.

You’re right, Cala. But it’s fun to ay anyways. & I tried to look for Warez in that search, I couldn’t read anything…