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Okay, I have another question to ask about technology.Can someone list the obvious and less obvious comparisons between Super NES and Playstation?And if they can, list the same about PSX and PS2? i can make general statements, but when it comes to knowing the facts I am impaired, hehe…I know Super NES had cartidges, and PS has discs, or CD’s for games but if a few people could actually list a couple differences about how they were built, and about their games, I would be forever greatful.:frowning:

Try to use a search engine or go to the page of the companies that made them to find the specifications. And such comparisons are not easy…

PSX has a more advanced 3d coprocessor, the SNES’s graphics processor could do that mode 7 thing, some SNES cartridges had coprocessors in them (like Star Fox), all sorts of stuff…

You have no idea how hard it is to find such information…I’ve looked, maybe I haven’t looked too hard?I’ll feel quite stupid if someone posts a direct link but whatever…your information can add what I already scraped up.Thanks.

Think of cartdriges as what they really are, computer cards with some chipset 'n stuff. Since this allows a faster data transfering to the main board in the videogame, Loading times are way smaller than if you use a CD. Add to that, some cartdriges had their own built-in goodies that boosted the game. For example, Megaman X2 had a special chipset for graphical acceleration. CD’s can’t have that.

The advantages of SNES over PS end here. PS is a later system, so of course it has better technology in it. One of the trends it follows that SNES never had, for example, is data storage on removable hardware. nintendo only implemented it on N64.

Other things you might come up with: PS is made to proccess 3D graphics. SNES could only emulate it. Also, a lot of games made for PS are also made for arcades. This happened less oftenly with SNES, and when it did, there was an abyss of difference between playing the same game on arcade and on SNES.

For the technical data about the systems, try

The table to the right lists technical info about every system you can name.

Edit: almost forgot: SNES was released as SNES in some places and Super Famicom in others, and there were some compatibility problems between both. I don’t thing this has ever happened to PS.

I don’t know if you’ve tried this yet, but GameFAQs has some Hardware FAQs for those systems. They probably delve pretty deep into the technical stuff.