Last minute RPG deaths

Have you ever had that experience in an RPG where you’re within an INCH of killing a super hard boss, then he manages to pull through and kill all of your party members at the last second?

I just had one of those in Tales of Symphonia. I was fighting a 22,000 HP boss (for those of you who’ve played ToS it was Kratos in the Tower of Salvation). He was pretty damn tough, especially after facing him directly after ANOTHER boss, but I was doing okay. Then, when he gets down to around 3,000 HP, he starts using his strongest move, Lightning Blade, continually. My healer couldn’t keep up with the damage; hell, the healer kept getting KILLED. Eventually, when he was down to less than 1,000 HP, he got my party members. >.<;

Whew, I needed to vent that. Has anyone had a similar experience with a really annoying boss?

Ark in FF9. I had just stolen EVERY item off the thing (and those who have played FF9 know how awful the steal rate is… for a master thief, Zidane sure sucks at stealing!), and then it killed me. Tried it again, and the same thing happened.

Not an RPG, but…Megaman X2. Once got killed by a boss who had ONE bit of energy left.

I was so pissed that I yanked the system’s plug out of the wall.

I took the time to steal everything from every boss in FF9… only to discover that you get 0 unique items and that the steal rate is worse than terrible. Spent like 6 hours on getting the Mythril Sword from Beatrix only to have to have it available for purchase 30 minutes after the boss fight, argh.

Ruby Weapon i had him down to, i think, a few thousands and then that bastard killed me. But in the end he had to die >:)

Ark wasn’t even that hard >>;

But yeah I had similar experiences with Kuja, Necron, Ultimecia, and Neo X-Death (and don’t give me shit about his name being <b><u>Ex</b></u>death :stuck_out_tongue: I use the REAL names, not the amateur translation names :P).

With Kuja, whenever I got him below a certain point, he’d double flare star me, instant death.

With Necron, well, he just hits hard and fast, and can kill you whenever he wants with the right combination of moves, really.

With Ultimecia, I’d literally have her dead, 0 HP, but it took me a while to realize that I had to go through the dialogue by simply hitting her, so she always ended up killing me because I tried to use Lionheart EVERY TIME I hit her :stuck_out_tongue:

With Neo X-Death, well, he’s just hard. He has 4 parts, and he hits hard and fast like Necron. I eventually beat him by casting quick and double-bahamutting him. But yeah, lots of close calls there.

Yeah, happens to me often as well, just like when I was playing easy MM2 for GC this week. I blamed the messed up controls for that, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

For RPGs, I’d have to generally say the SaGa Frontier bosses because nothing else comes to mind. They have so many HP that they always seem to be almost dead, but they’re not at all. I don’t have precise examples, that nobody would read anyway, but I know I died a lot. :stuck_out_tongue:

i have had two of those experiences that i can recall, first with Necrosaro from Dragon Quest 4 and then with Ultimate WEAPON from FF7

Not that I can remember, but the opposite happened to my friend. He was on the last boss of FFX, and he only had Auron left who had around 1 HP left, and just as a last shot he cast Zombify, and the stupid boss used Curaga or what ever on itself. You can guess the rest.

you mean Yu-Jevon ? nothing against your friend but if he dies in a battle with Yu-Jevon he can’t be that good… I mean usual they are resurrected…

Yeah, that’s it. But, he is actually good he’s beaten almost all of the FFs, I’m no quite sure why he had trouble then. I’ll have to ask him.

You’re joking, right? Your characters get resurrected in the battle with Yu Yevon whenever they’re killed.

I’m confused…maybe it was a different boss, but what I said happened.

i guess anyone who has joined RPGC/Forum has beaten most of the FF Series

Orgodemir (1st time you beat him) pissed me off. Had him down to one hit and he’s dead, he manages to kill off a party that had just been Hustled to full health. I don’t know HOW he did, but he managed to do it.

I have one in SaGa Frontier, I was playing Blue’s quest and I got to the final boss and he was real tough and I lost the first try. Then on the second try I was doing good and then the screen started to loose color and went to a bronzish looking color and I thought I lost so I got pissed off and turned off my PlayStation. Later I found out that when the screen fades it means you won. That was annoying.

That’s the problem with him. If he feels like it, he’ll get 2 or 3 turns and use his strongest attacks each time.

The third Seymour fight usually gets me. I have him down to a couple thousand, and he attacks with a combo, that I’m not ready for, and finishes me off.

That is why I love to hit guys like that hard and fast, and first. So they don’t have a chance to attack you properly.

Necron, that gkjhadfghkrjagh cheater. Now, I’m one of those people who say that the games don’t cheat, but I’m very willing to be wrong about that one. It took me months to get over it and to go back and try again.

The Egg in Saga Frontier 2. (Btw, stupidest Final Boss Name ever.) You see, there are several minibosses ahead of this one that you can choose to avoid; but for everyone you do NOT kill, the Egg gains an extra form. So, I killed all the minibosses I can, leaving him with about two extra forms. At the end of the battle my party was down to ONE member but I had killed three forms, so I said, “YEAH, GOT YOU!!”… and then the !@#$$% popped up ANOTHER form!! You can guess what happened. >_<