Last Exile

Anyone seen?

No haven’t seen it, but the name sounds interesting, what’s about?:moogle:

Is it the one with the zeppelin (no, not the staffer :P) and old fashioned airplanes (I think there’s another term for those, though)?

Saw the first three episodes. Great air-naval battles. Those people really know how to make cannon shots have an impact. Great chase seen, too. Sadly, I can’t download any more of it for a few months, so I’ll just have to sit around and drool every time I think of the series.

Which reminds me, I want to see Matsumoto’s The Cockpit.

i haven’t seen it…should i?

Its good, nice artwork, good voice actors and an interesting if odd story, at the begining you have no idea whats going on, but things start to clear up a little later.