Last Cataclysm is dead

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[19:22] Zastrozzi> Don’t be all nervous and like 'He he hey…wanna he he…g.g.go to a movie?"
[19:22] Zastrozzi> She’ll think you’re some kinda sicko.
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[19:22] Crotanks> lol :stuck_out_tongue:
[19:22] Lee> Hello.
[19:22] Crotanks> Ok
[19:22] Zastrozzi> Rock Lee?
[19:23] Crotanks> Thats what I was thinking…
[19:23] Lee> Huh?
[19:23] Epicgamer> General Robert E. Lee?
[19:23] Crotanks> Guess not
[19:23] Lee> No. Bob’s friend Lee. Bob’s dead.
[19:23] Crotanks> Bob?
[19:23] Lee> Last Cataclysm I believe he was…
[19:23] Lee> Yes.
[19:23] Crotanks> Who the hell is bob? O.o
[19:23] Zastrozzi> He’s a Guardian.
[19:24] Zastrozzi> To mend and defend.
[19:24] Zastrozzi> To defend their hopes, and dreams.
[19:24] Lee> Seriously, Last Cataclysm is dead.
[19:24] Zastrozzi> To defend them from, all of their enemies.
[19:24] Lee> He died in a car crash a few days ago.
[19:24] Zastrozzi> Mmm latest Reboot.
[19:24] Zastrozzi> But Guh!
[19:24] Crotanks> Thats what the said about Fish >.>
[19:24] Zastrozzi> It’s been a year and a half and they haven’t made more, and they ended with a GODDAMNED CLIFF HANGER
[19:24] Crotanks> But Fish lived
[19:24] Zastrozzi> GRAH
[19:25] Lee> …
[19:25] Crotanks> Sorry Lee, I’m thinking aloud
[19:25] Zastrozzi> And I’m bitching aloud.
[19:25] Tenchimaru_Draconis> hmmm
[19:25] Tenchimaru_Draconis> meat rocks
[19:26] Crotanks> Btw Ori, what if I’m not asking her on a date and to just go out with me?
[19:26] Lee> Well, Weilla knows of the death. His story was going to be taken down, what’s going to happen now I have no idea.
[19:26] Tenchimaru_Draconis> woah, wait
[19:26] Zastrozzi> Same thing.
[19:26] Tenchimaru_Draconis> what the hell?
[19:26] Tenchimaru_Draconis> damnit, sorry to hear that Lee.
[19:26] Tenchimaru_Draconis> My condoleances.
[19:26] Crotanks> Ori, you’re of no help to me :stuck_out_tongue:
[19:26] Zastrozzi> But it’s true.
[19:26] Lee> That’s OK. I had someone last night get a hold of Kagon for me.
[19:27] Zastrozzi> Or you can just be like “Hey wanna go to a movie this saturday, not as a date. Just as two friends hanging out.”
[19:27] Tenchimaru_Draconis> What exactly happened?
[19:27] Crotanks> That’ll happen when my church goes to see that movie
[19:27] Lee> He was driving down the road and a semi hit his truck. The driver swerved to miss a deer.
[19:27] Zastrozzi> Then say “Hey, my youth group is going to a movie this saturday. Wanna come?”
[19:28] Tenchimaru_Draconis> Ah, jesus.
[19:28] Tenchimaru_Draconis> Sorry man, again, my condoleances.
[19:28] Crotanks> Ori, she’s my preacher’s step daughter. She’ll already be coming :stuck_out_tongue:
[19:28] Lee> That’s OK.
[19:28] Zastrozzi> Then what the fuck are you asking her for?
[19:28] Zastrozzi> I’m slow, remember.
[19:28] Lee> Anyhow, goodbye.
[19:29] Crotanks> Later Lee
[19:29] Zastrozzi> (Ok, I’m not I just don’t pay attention)
[19:29] Crotanks> (And sorry)
[19:29] Tenchimaru_Draconis> Bye.
[19:29] Lee> I might be back later this week, see ya
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I was pretty rude in the chatroom when he popped in. My condolences and apologies to Lee.


I suppose I should say ‘My condolences’, as silly as that sounds coming from Death.

Thats the dude who kept iming me about reading his story @_@

Well that sucks :\

Yes, he had a fanfic in the archives. It’s a twisted irony that I took it down in the last update, along with a couple of others, because I hadn’t heard from the authors in over a year.
My condolences as well.

o_0 That sucks.

I remember seeing him in the chat twice or so. My condolences.

Buh. That’s horrible. He was really nice to- I enjoyed talking to him. Geez, it’s really sad watching someone die so young =/

Actually, I wasn’t on then, so I’m kinda confused- no one got ahold of me.

Man, that sucks. Never really got to know him, but I saw him sometimes. :confused: