Last Call

I wanted to do one more questions thread before I move on the sixth of January in the morning. If there is anything that you wanted to ask me ever, for whatever reason, I will gladly answer you without any bullshit whatsoever. Yeah, I know. Questions thread- big fucking deal, right? But I’m not doing one ever again. It doesn’t mean I’m leaving these here forums: I’m not. I just won’t be on very much whatsoever… at least until we can afford the internet. We are going to make a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrry careful budget before we decide to have internet or cable. If you guys want to say goodbye or whatever, feel free. I’ll probably be back in a month or two anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

But anyway, if there is any real point to this thread it is this: I have enjoyed my time here quite a bit. I have been aggravated by several posters in the past and present, of course, but there has always been stimulating conversation from quite a few of you. I’ve gone a long way here. I remember when I used to make a personal thread like… every day here. Now I hardly say anything, but I cannot seem to leave. It is quite odd how that works, indeed.

I’ve never seemed to contain my tendency to ramble, however. I’ll silence myself just this once. :wink:

I enjoy your so-called “rambling”. Under whatever name you’ve taken, you’ve always been one of the most intellectual members of our little board.

And my questions are these:

First off, why the constant name changes? Just curious.

Secondly, what would you consider your fondest memory of your time spent here?

What do you think of the following people?:
RoguePaladinTrian, Adam Miester, Cavelcade, Evangelion, Mastermune, Nightblade, Sinistral
(the “active users” list at the time of posting)

And, if you feel like something less random, where are you moving to?

Are you Rountree?

And is Cybercompost Rountree?

Ok, here’s a better, and more sober, question:

What would you do if your girlfriend was pregnant?

Why don’t you come into the chat these days? :frowning:

I was curious about the name changes as well, but others already asked about that.

Take care, Roundtree, and I hope you’ll like your new place :slight_smile:

I miss Rountree. :frowning:

Hope to see you soon man. Save dat money!

Am I aggravating to you

Compared to Basara and Setz, you’re the ideal visitor, Lanyx :P.


I don’t really know any questions. You’ve always been the really cool memeber who didn’t post much but I looked up to, so good luck with everything, fortune prevailing you’ll be back soon.

Am I the only one who thinks GAP/Rountree/CC/Loki is really just a pompous, pseudo-intelligent prick with no real idea of the words he’s using, and haphazardly strings coherent sentences he read off the back of an encyclopedia?
I mean, is there really anyway to not notice this utter lack of intelligence that’s been set before us?
I mean shit, he probably won’t even notice this is a fucking joke post. Honestly, he’d completely miss something like that if it came up and beat his goddamn face in.
I say good riddance to bad rubbish, and may someone with a bit more thought process join up and add more than this waste of skin did.

Edit: sorry, my sarcasm sucks.

Good luck :slight_smile:


Who do you like best, BlueMageOne, Pierson, Devillion, Lanyx, or Rirse

You’re still my plum hat!

…are you still my plum hat? ;.;

Well, it looks like I won’t be able to finish my story before you leave, Ken. I’ve had too many interruptions. This year I’ve been busier than ever, mainly due to my responsabilities helping raise my nephew. But I promise you your character will have a pretty good part to play, so I hope that when you come back, you’ll read the rest of it and enjoy it. In the meantime, I want you to know, I consider you one of the coolest and smartest persons I’ve met here, and I wish you and your girlfriend all the happiness you can stand.

As for questions: do you think all the time you’ve spent here has helped you grow as a person, or heh only irritated you?

Good luck!

Hoorah for saving money! Just go to the library where you can do “online research” for free and post again. :smiley: No goodbyes here, just take cares.

Have fun moving!

GG Crono: The constant name changes? I really don’t know, honestly. I just get bored with the name I currently have and get a new one. Of course, I also have noticed that I tend to change them when my internet persona changes. Cybercompost is irritating, Rountree is whiny, Loki is manic and GAP is self-important. Note that I’m an English major: it’s my job to pull things out of my ass.

My fondest memory of my time spent here, eh? Hmm… I’d probably say the time in the Tower of Babel when I made that really insipidly bizarre roleplaying thread. I recall that it involved Sir Percival and Gila Monster and it got closed. It was awesome. Take my word for it.

RoguePaladinTrian: You’re an intelligent human being whose comments I usually read. Adam Miester is a new guy with three posts; I cannot judge him. Cavelcade is Irish. That means he’s awesome! Evangelion is one of the most interesting female posters. I frequently find the threads she makes and posts entertaining. Although Mastermune and Nightblade have been around, I honestly haven’t really received either a positive or negative impression from either of them. Sinistral is most likely the second most intelligent person active besides Sephiroth Katana (of course, I’m going by internet personas, so I could be way off). Although he is a tough moderator, I admire him because he does his job efficiently and only when necessary.

I’m moving to Baldwinsville, NY.

Lanyx: Yes and yes.

Gila-Monster: First of all, I’m dying to know what the questions were before you edited. Your question is a damned good one, however. I think that if she got impregnated that I’d let her do whatever she wanted to do with it. It is her body, and her right. I would voice my opinion that I would hate for it to be aborted (in favor of adoption; we certainly couldn’t keep it). If she wants to, though, it’s her right to do so.

Drop Bear: I haven’t the time; I’m sorry. Maybe I’ll pop in this week sometime.

Weiila: Thank you very much!

Cala: I hope to be back soon as well.

Lanyx: What Sin said.

Arac: Wow. Someone looks up to me. Not only does someone look up to me, but it’s someone who I think is absolutely awesome! Rock! :smiley:

Steve: Cute. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Shinobi: Hardcore!

Cless: It’s a tie between Pierson and BlueMageOne.

Dragon Tear: I shall always be your hat (made of plum).

Wilfredo Martinez: I’d say that my time here helped me RELAX a little bit, you know? If I couldn’t RELAX then I certainly couldn’t GROW! I hope to take a peek at your story in Oswego’s computer lab sometime. :slight_smile:

VickiMints: Don’t you worry… research will be had. Ehehehehe… just not often. I want to actually concentrate on my work as well as the writing that I do in my free time.

Oh, and… I wouldn’t call it fun. At all. Boxes, boxes, everywhere… and uh… yeah. I guess I couldn’t drink a box anyway.

If you were to choose between saving a total stranger or letting someone else handle it what would you do?