Large Hadron Collider

It’s old news, yes, but I’ve yet to see or hear of anyone calling it the “Large Hardon Collider.”

I’ll be one to bite and say I see “Hardon” each time I happen to look at the name.

Of course, with all the miles of energy churning underground in order to bring about possible answers to see what made the Universe begin ticking, subsequently bringing about a slight, if extremely miniscule, possibility of destorying the world faster than losing one’s dignity by suggesting having sex in a KFC bathroom, I would not doubt that it would give any crazed science buff /slash/ ecological sadist a respectable sized blue-veiner.

I, for one, will [STRIKE]be proudly saluting[/STRIKE] not.

In case you’ve been living in a cave, just go do a google on it, you’ll get all sorts of links. Naturally.

You’ve obviously never visited 4chan or 7chan.


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