"Laptops go on sperm killing rampage"

Direct quote from this article.

I’m glad I don’t use a laptop.

Oh noz.

Meh, won’t affect me. I put my laptop on a desk, or at least some table when using it. Mighty uncomfortable otherwise.

Anyone who had the most basic biology classes in school in the last few decades already knew that your balls are external to your body so as to kep their temperature low. Now, what this article does is putting it in a very sensationalistic form. Yellow press.

This is news, now? God knows I won’t breed anyway.

I’d say that’s right up there on the sensationalism scale with “Mobile Phones Rot Your Balls” from the same publication.

This is old news, although the part about the sperm is new. I heard of people burning their thighs and legs from using their laptop on their lap.

That’s why they’re called notebooks or portable computers, and not laptops, these days.

How in God’s name could you burn your thigh? Mine isn’t even that hot.

I’m in trouble. :bowser:

o/~Every sperm is sacred …

Lowers the chance of most elitist mac users of reproducing >_>

draconis I’ve been watning to say this for awhile so here goes, your avatar reminds me vaguely of a picture of a womans reproductive organs.

Go figure, technology provides a way to erase it’s own mistakes. Now if we could only come up with something to eliminate 1337 speakers…

Stuff I already knew, but neat for the information to be disseminated (de-semen-ated >.> ahahahaha I am so funny). Anyway, I once read an article about a guy who got 2nd (if not 3rd?) degree burns on his dick due to a laptop.

Holy shit.

Why would killing sperm matter? You waste just as much wacking off…

Powerbooks G4 aren’t as hot as high end PC Laptops. Sorry to say it, but it looks like they got the egde. Again.

Vaguely? It is in fact the said female reproductive organs. With a pair of eyes drawn above them to look like a face.

And TD, if I’m wrong, tell me whatever the hell you feel like.

But I’m smart. I keep my notebook on a desk. Though I’m not one that should reproduce anyways.

I wanted to quote something else

Dammit, Lanyx. Just shut up. The male reproductive organs produce an unlimited amount of sperm, so killing them off through means of masturbation really is not detrimental to your ability to reproduce. What the sensationalist article about notebooks is trying to say is that the heat from said notebook computer can cause immense heat in the pubic regions, heating the testicles to the point where they are rendered useless. And your comment had nothing to do with this topic. Did anyone else besides you(and me) even mention masturbation in this thread?

I read this a few days ago in the Rocky Mountain News/Denver Post.

Fun Fact: The Female Organs , however , do not produce an unlimited amount of eggs, and those are in fact wasted during a female’s menstrual cycle. The wasted eggs are termed as “menses”.

Lastly, I’d like to say, it’s better to remain silent and be thought of as a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

It is, in fact, a demonic vagina. It’s supposed to scare you away from breeding.