Laptop Brands

Give me some brand names that make durable laptops. Just something for school, nothing really gaming related. Just a brand that makes a laptop that will be able to withstand 4-6 years of college related antics.

Fujitsu laptops are supposed to be very durable, but they’re also very expensive. I think you can get a lot of features for a reasonable amount of money if you go with an HP laptop, but get a warranty, as they can break.

I’ll second getting a warrenty for an HP.

Thirded, guy got an HP while on leave and it just died 3 weeks after he got back here.

Honestly, my Dell, as well as all the army-paid for Dells are surviving alot of wear and tear on them over here pretty well.

IBM or Toshiba. If it’s for school, get one with a Centrino processor. IBM Usually has some on their site that have 3 year warranties, and so does Toshiba.

I don’t really like toshibas. My mom has one, I’m on it right now, and honestly - it doesn’t really tickle my fancy.

What’s Centrino?

Intel’s low power consumption CPU for laptops.

Grab an Acer, or a Fujitsu-Siemens. I highly suggest not going NEAR HPs, due to my own disastrous experiences with them, but your mileage may vary.

Acer, Fujitsu-Siemens, and Toshiba are really the best companies out there. I don’t think they sell Acer and FS in stores though, so you may have to go online to get them.

And you’ll only want Centrino if you’re going to be using it as a mobile machine, like, you’ll be away from a source of power for long periods of time. If you’re going to be using your laptop as a desktop replacement, using it like a desktop, and maybe only sitting on the couch with it or something, just go for a standard Pentium processor.

Acer or Fujitsu-Siemens, maybe IBM.

If you read his post, you’d realize he needed it for school, hence sitting in classes for hours on end. Therefore, Centrino.

There are no outlets in school?

None that won’t already be taken by other students. Sorry, I’m not battling to the death over a power outlet.

And this isn’t really “technical support”. Does all computer related conversation be regulated to the technical support forum now?

Pretty much. Keep stuff grouped together so that people can look up old topics easily instead of making new ones, though god knows they won’t do that.

Well, if they wont do it, whats the point?

Why not? The only difference it makes is in either the thread creator clicking a different forum, or a mod pressing 2 buttons. It also hopefully screens out the random jackasses that give advice they don’t understand, as was way too frequent on the main forum.

We could always go back to someone suggesting you format your hard drive in every computer related thread.

Pentium M, which comes with Centrio, is in any case a better CPU than Pentium IV.

I went to freshman orientation, and if I’m gonna take a laptop I’m gonna need to have a centrino processor. 132 acres of room to walk around in and a couple of my classess go over 2 hours.