dives onto the RPGC beach and kisses the sand as if he’d been lost at sea for months

Oh how I’ve missed you!!!

Nice avatar. >_>

I find your signature offensive now. Put up a more offensive avatar to draw my attention away from your signature.

Its ok, I don’t think Necro and his little female singing partner will get me in trouble… I sure hope not, at least…

BUT, this is not a thread to discuss my ban… This is a thread to discuss my glorious return so you can all shower me with love and presents. Now. Fucking give me presents I’ve been lonely!

Jesus people, is a sprite from Streetfighter 3:Third Strike (rated teen for animated violence) too much to handle? If so, I’ll take it down too, but damn…

Edit: Shit, double post.


You posted a reply! :slight_smile: Thats a good enough present for me…

Welcome back!

Welcome back, now go to the Video Game Forum 'cuz there’s a thread you can contribute to.

Welcome back. <strike>Now get the fuck out!</strike>

You offend me with bad taste.

Your avatar turns me on. No, not your sig. I said avatar, and I meant it.

How long were you gone?

48 hours… >_>

man, they weren’t kidding when they said it was largely symbolic…

That silly Sinistral! Him and his dancing habits.

Hows this? A modest AND sexy signature line…

Who the hell are you? …I’m serious. >_>

Sorry I’m late!

(Yes, I know only Izlude will get it. And even then, that’s debatable)

Lets get it on!