Land of the Dead

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. Far superior to Dawn of the Dead (well, the remake at least). Just a lot gorier. Not a “hey girl, wanna see this movie?” Well, unless she’s into that kinda stuff. There’s a lot of eating in that movie.

It’s out already?

Came out Friday.

I hate that, Land of the dead, i mean they already had a shaun(i think thats it) of the dead, and a dawn of the dead, and this one, Land of the dead. Next thing you know there will be a Country of the dead, or world of the dead, or better yet, Dead of the dead. No, i wont see it, Id rather see somthing else.

Shut up. Shaun of the Dead was a fucking comedy. It’s in no way a horror movie like Dawn and Land are.

It’s at the top of my bootleg list, I really liked the remake of Dawn of the Dead despite all it’s failings.

None of them compare to the original. I’m hoping to see Land of the Dead this weekend though.

I’d rather sit down with a bowl of popcorn and watch The Passion Of The Christ.

Now there is a good makeout flick.

“Oh Christ, it makes me so horny seeing Jesus get whipped.”

i actually almost got sick from that movie, i could have sworn i saw a rib when they were whiping him. I didnt bother watching any of those dead movies. They looked like resident evil type of thing to me. But the only horror living dead movie i like is…wel none to be exact.

No joke, my friend laughed through the whole Passion of the Christ. She’s pretty sick.

ya, im surprised no one in the theater killed her, all the people in my theater where from a church group.

The reason there are so many “of the Dead” movies is because it’s a series, one that doesn’t get that many sequels, considering how old it is. The movies in that series (the official ones, the ones done by Romero) are as follows:

• <A HREF=“”>Night of the Living Dead (1968)</A>
• <A HREF=“”>Dawn of the Dead (1978)</A>
• <A HREF=“”>Day of the Dead (1985)</A>
• <A HREF=“”>Land of the Dead (2005)</A>

Along the way, various people have redone the movies in the series. Some of them (Night) turned out decent, but didn’t live up to the originals. Others (Dawn) turned out better. They are as follows:

• <A HREF=“”>Night of the Living Dead (1990)</A>
• <A HREF=“”>Dawn of the Dead (2004)</A>
• <A HREF=“”>Day of the Dead (2006?)</A>

<A HREF=“”>Shaun of the Dead</A> was a comedy tribute to the series.

The rights to the original Night of the Living Dead are public domain now; this means that anyone who wants can publish a DVD or VHS of it. This is good, cause that means it’s cheap. That’s especially good, cause it’s one of the best films I’ve ever seen in my life. The rest of the films (both the originals and the remakes) are all owned by NBC Universal pictures. Vivendi Universal Games (the video game subsidiary of NBC Universal) is working on a game with George A. Romero based on the series called <A HREF=“”>City of the Dead</A>, where one can play as either a human or a zombie. Of course, playing as a zombie is disgusting, and would mean that you’d deserve only death, but maybe that’s your cup of tea.

For those who don’t know me, I’m anxious about the movie. I really wish I’d gotten to see it this weekend, but a funeral and a lack of money got in my way. Next weekend, I’ll watch Land and Howl’s. That should make for a good weekend.

[edit] Turns out that the remake of Night of the Living Dead was actually done by Columbia Pictures, not Universal, and that VU Games sold the rights to City to Hip Interactive. The point still stands that a MMO zombie game made by George Romero himself is coming out. w00t.

I’ve never seen Passion of the Christ, but I don’t exactly plan on it. o.O

Doh. Should have added this to my previous post, but since someone else already replied, I’ll go ahead and make a seperate post.

Since the new film is out, and, as Jenna noted, none of them compare to the original, any of you who haven’t seen it owe it to yourselves to watch the original. As I said, the original Night of the Living Dead is in the public domain now. Thus, it’s free to distribute in any manner. The <A HREF=“”>Internet Archive</A> (best known for the Wayback Machine) allows you to <A HREF=“”>stream the movie, or download it to your hard drive</A>. Do it. Even if you’re not a horror fan, it’s an amazing movie.

Why is everyone acting elitist since they’ve seen the older film along with everyone else in the world? Not only that but the recent films are so much better than the original(s), liars. :slight_smile:

Meh, it depends upon your concept of what’s better. To you, maybe, to others, maybe not. I have yet to see the original Dawn of the Dead, so I wouldn’t know. Once I do see it, I’ll let you know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Basically it’s like the remake, except you can walk past the zombies.

Mmm, brains.