Lance Wins Tour de Freedom

Yep. Lance Armstrong won the Tour de Freedom once again. This makes him the second person to win it five straight times. I remember seeing that video of the little girl and the hand bag and wow. Pretty good for a cancer survivor.

ah yes… le Tour de Freedom. Located within the country of Freedom.

Anyways, I’m glad he won it, but I think it’s time someone else won it. Or at least let somebody cut one of his bike tires ^_^.

Those helmets they have look silly.

I haven’t followed Tour de France: I’m not into people in tight pants, nor bikes. So I wouldn’t know if he has deserved to win or not. I would say congratulations, hadn’t I known that he would never read this.

Tour de freedom? Is that like the Tour De France? Is that like a joke? Like Freedom Fries, and Freedom Toast?

Yes, it is, Charl. I find the names Freedom Fries and Freedom Toast so funny that I’m actually going to start using them. So, everything France becomes Freedom. And yes, it was actually the Tour de France.

Urge…to bitchslap Bush…RISING!

I love what Robin Williams has to say about that

“he’s on chemicals!”


“He has only 1 testicle, he’s more aerodynamic!”


Robin Williams was once the king of Dark Comedy, and oh how he has fallen. Well, Death to Smoochy was pretty good, but still…

I actually saw the leg of the Tour de Freedom where Lance bumped into that girl. It was retransmitted over here live.

You can also recall the “cross-country” trip he had to make to avoid a guy that had fallen down in front of him.

Yeah. That was cool too. I’m surprised his bike survived the rough Freedom terrain there.

I hope he sets the record.

Originally posted by Green Mage

Robin Williams was once the king of Dark Comedy, and oh how he has fallen. Well, Death to Smoochy was pretty good, but still… [/b]

Ah yes. How dark he was back in the days of Mork & Mindy.

You haven’t seen his Broadway show have you?

Well, his broadway show is hardly dark.

I’m so tired of Lance Armstrong. When an accident happens, oh, like pedalling into a spectator’s bag, you fight to regain your lead, not have all the riders move aside so you can get your lead back.

When shit happens, suck it up.

Uh, Baku, did you actually WATCH the race?

That spectator was NOT supposed to be there. It’s just that the cars who are supposed to shove the spectators out of the way didn’t shove HER out, and that was it. Lance would have won that leg of the race without her, and the other riders knew that.

Besides, do you honestly give a shit about the Tour de Freedom? It seems no one in the states does.

We only care because an American won.

I still don’t care about it.
The US coulda beaten everyone in the race by two hours and I still wouldn’t care :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually Baku, by Olrich (sp?) doing that, he showed sportsmanship almost never shown any more, at least not in the States. The other riders didn’t slow down for Lance. He was just that driven to catch up to Olrich. Had Olrich taken advantage of Lance’s accident, his victory would have been tainted and would have been ostracized by other bikers. Then there’s also the chance that it would have motivated Lance even more to beat Olrich’s ass.

Yeah. What 984 said. Except that it’s Ulrich.

insert cheap pun on 984’s sig and title here