Lance Wins Seventh and Final Tour

Yeah. It’s official. Lance won his retirement race. Definitely the greatest individual streak in sports ever. Now I just wonder who will be the front runner next year.

Speaking of, have you seen the new Nike commercial that simply shows footage from Armstrong’s press conference 10 years or so ago, where he talks about how, due to his cancer, he may never race again? That’s an incredible powerful commercial.

Also, Lance Armstrong happens to hail from Plano, TX, which is about 5 minutes from my house. Thus, everyone in this area has always shouted pretty loudly in his favor.

There are rumors he may run for governor of Texas, Sat. >.>

Can’t be worse than the 1998 governor at least.

Who was that?

I’m gonna guess it was our current President.

That is correct, sir. And, actually, W became the Texas governor in 1996, after beating Ann Richards in the 1995 election.

I can’t say I’d have a problem with Lance Armstrong as a gubernatorial candidate, though I’m interested in his stance on political issues.

I believe he is strongly anti-cancer.

It’s sad to see him go; despite heavy contenders like Rasmussen and others who have a great capacity to “keep on truckin’,” I personally see Lance as a demigod in cycling, and I cannot conceive of him being replaced or surplanted for a decade at least.

His recovery was indeed amazing, and helps people understand that cancer is NOT always a death sentence. As someone with a cousin who has cancer, I find it comforting.

And I’m glad he won, it 's a great cap to his career. I’ll bet he could still go on for a few more years, but like Seinfeld, it’s better to retire when you’re at your best, so nobody can talk about your decline.

Plus he annoys the French. That’s always a plus. ^_~

He’s from Texas, and his sponsor is the US Postal Service which my parents have both worked for.

So, yeah, I like the guy already. Plus he beat cancer? The man is a machine.

His sponsor this year was the Discovery Channel.


I still like the dude though.

Hurrah. He deserved to.