Lame Adventures - The Ongoing Story of Lame Jokes

<img src=“”> Hi there, as you probably can tell, this is a story about “Nothing…nothing at all”.

<img src=“”> Sir, I represent the RIAA, and unless you have a licenese, I will have to turn you into the police?

<img src=“”>Um, I don’t have a license to sing…but I do have one to kill…in my other cape.

<img src=“”> That was a direct threat toward me and parties. Now hold on a moment while I call my superiors. opens a door in his chest Hello sir, this is Lawyer Man, and I have a indiviual who was threating me after I told him to stop revealing plot points…yes I will hold. stops for a second

<img src=“”> Um…runs

<b>Lawyer Man : </b> voice could be heard from a distance Okay, I talked to my superiors and they say that you will be arres…oh crap, he got away. Better call the boss again. stops

<b>Narrator : </b> Meanwhile Rirse is running away from the Lawyer Man when suddenly…

<center>To Be Continue Next Post…</center>

Alright, after that, I would like the audiences to post suggestions on what I should have happen next. When this story is done (whatever it ends being called will wait until the end) will be added to TRT new section of the same name, Lame Adventures.

Its 100% lame :smiley:

<img src=“”> appears What a lame thread this is, Rirse.

<img src=“”> Booken, I thought you said that you didn’t want to appear in these comics?

<img src=“”> looks around Oh crap, I am appearing in your lame comic. That it, I summoning my party kelet to eat you.

<img src=“”> jump up and down in front of Rirse

<img src=“”> Great, Booken and his monster cows in front of me and the RIAA behind me. Only a miracle can save me now.

<center>To be continue…</center>

What will come to save Rirse and why did Booken appear in this after vowing to never make a appearence? Only you can decide.

You cannot use me in your crappy comics. I defend you to.

What I’m gonna do? This I gonna do!

I win.

P.S: Thanks for the host =P