Lacking Activation Email...

Well, finally got around to registering rather then lurking, filled out the nice register form, and sent it on its way along the internet superhighway. The next page informs me I need to read my mail, which should contain an activation link, no big deal. I check nothing. I check a couple of hours later, nothing. I check today, nothing. After the first no-show, I backed up my web browser to my entry form, which still had my information entered in. After 3-4 checks, the email is correct. What I’m asking is, could I possibly get another activation email? Mine seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth…


Uhhh… I don’t think you can post without already getting it.

I activated your account for you, it probably was being blocked or siphoned to a spam folder or something. You should be able to post regularly.

Originally posted by Chris of the Brood
Uhhh… I don’t think you can post without already getting it.
You can in the Help Forum. Otherwise, people wouldn’t be able to ask for Registration help.

I think I had the same problem some time ago. I was so sick of spam, I set the filter to exclusive. I had to email Merlin to ask him to activate the account.
Then came the Second Great Deletion and I had to create the account all over again, but this time around, I got the email and everything went on smoothly.