La Pucelle: Tactics

I recently got this game and I’m really enjoying it. It has the same level building addictiveness at Disgaea. Questions? Comments? Post 'em here.

waits for Phantom Brave

I currently have played almost 20 hours.

La Pucelle: Tactics rocks. I’ve been playing it for a week now, and I’m currently in Chapter 8, and debating how I’m going to tackle an optional battle against a Lv100 monster. The reward is worth it, but it’s going to be trickey…

Is there anyone who HAS beaten that monster in the forum? Some advice would be appreciated. :wave:

What level are your characters Spoony and what abilities or spells do they have? Personally, I’ve played almost 20 hours but I haven’t gotten past the first level. I’ve been busy leveling my abilities first.

Anyway, I have the official guide and my friend and I have been through the Dark World many times. If can give me your specific scenario information I could help you more.

Well I’m in Chapter 8, Like I said. The Lv100 monster is in the ‘Unknown Fear’ Map, it’s just called the ‘Giant Thing’. You get the Special Ending to the chapter if you kill it, a huge cash bonus, and an item which boosts all stats by 100, I think. However, to take down a Lv100 monster at that stage of the game is really tough.

You have an option of weakening it to Lv25, but that only nets you the good ending, and nowhere near as good rewards.

My character’s levels range from 17-25, only Culotte has Braveheart at the moment, and getting more characters to learn that is a necessity I think. I haven’t spent as much time building abilitites, as I’m only 16 hours in and mostly focused on going through the game. I’ve also only ever been into the Dark World once, and never even got a good reward, because too many damn enemies randomly spawned on islands I couldn’t reach, and I didn’t have enough powerful flyers to reach them…

Basically, I need a decent strategy for tackling that monster, aside from a vague ‘get your attack power up to 1600 on one guy and go nuts’, it also doesn’t help that it regenerates rather consistantly.

I only have about 4 monsters I use regularly, and a handful of others that only recently joined my party when I wasn’t trying to recruit them, due to Baptism attack. Homard has recently become one of my primary melee fighters, followed up by Prier and Croix. If anyone else is going to learn Braveheart, chances are it’ll be Auloette, and if I do tackle that monster, Homard, Prier, my Pumpkin King, and my Bear will be the foremost attackers.

Anyway, need any more info?

The Giant Thing is beatable at your current level; I was only a little stronger when I managed to kill it. Here’s what I suggest doing (read the whole thing first :stuck_out_tongue: ):

The secret to success is chaining off a 6 portal miracle to try and remove as much HP as possible from the boss. If you haven’t had a lot of practice with setting up 6 portal miracles you might want to go and practice on the map “Explorer’s bones.”

Once you think you can comfortable setup the miracle chain then save and head on over to the “Unknown fear” map and try to find a portal combination where you can pull it off. This is what you want:
*No more than one portal is up against the edge of the map, or along the raised border next to the water. It is preferable if that portal is blue, but it doesn’t have to be.
*There are no portals in the upper half of the map.

Keep resetting the map until you have something you can work with, it took me almost an hour to find a good map the first time.

This is how you want to setup the combo:
You want to create a ring that surrounds all of the portals, or all but one of the portals.

  1. That ring should run along the bottom edge of the map (next to the base panel)
  2. Come up onto the railing next to the water on left of the map, turn towards the boss in the top left. It is very important that the ring does not surround the mermaid to the top left of the boss. The reason for this is that it will die after the first miracle and then the flow of energy will change and you risk breaking your combo.
  3. Flow into the boss from the left side, the boss will redirect it towards the bottom of the map.
  4. Have a change-up in from of the boss to redirect the flow towards the right side of the map.
  5. Have a change-up or a character then redirect the flow along the right side of the railing along the water and back towards the bottom, which if you’ve done it right should complete your loop.

Important info:
There’s a limit to how close you can get without suffering any attack, on the left side you can stand on the southern most tile of the 3 square railing along the edge of the water, on the right side it’s just bellow the square where the bridge railing meets the diagonal railing along the edge of the water.

Once your combo is set up you want to double check it, make sure that at every point where the flow coming from a portal meets another flow you have a change-up or a character redirect it in the direction you want to go. Even if the flow naturally goes that way put something there anyway since if that portal goes then the flow will change and you might break your chain.

Once everything is ready use one of your characters to fire it off, Cullotte is great for this, since he has great purification and range, but does no damage to the boss. As I mentioned above it’s better to start with a blue portal since it’ll greatly reduce the change of getting an Evangel miracle and that’s exactly what you don’t want on this map. Hopefully your miracles will chain without a hitch and you should land yourself somewhere around a 4000 point combo, and best of all the boss should be down to around 700-1200 HP, if not even less, now that’s a number you can work with.

Finishing the boss:
You should also try to have a bear or two, they’re great at this point and they might save your ass against this boss. My level 26 bear was my sole survivor against the boss the first time. Also keep in mind that magic will be useless against him, there’s no way your mage is strong enough yet to do any damage so leave him/her out of this (for now).

Here’s the important thing to know about the boss, it will always attack your weakest characters first, normally that would be annoying, but since it can kill your strongest characters in 1 hit anyway, who cares. Use it to your advantage and sacrifice a weak character every round to draw its attacks.

The first time you fight it armor will be totally useless since it can drop even your strongest character in 1 hit, so take off all your armor and equip 4 weapons, you should have all your fighters equipped with at least “Kitty punches” or better yet “Cross counters.” Cost might be an issue so if it is go do some miracle chains on “Explorer’s bones” to get money (this time start with a red portal).

Remember it is very important that you DO NOT ATTACK THE BOSS, it’s speed is so high that chances are you’ll miss anyway, but it also means that he gets to kill a second character for that round so DON’T ATTACK IT. Instead do special techniques, these ones seem to work very well on it:
*Royal Lightning
*Lightning rod (you can attack from long range)
*Bear rush
*Bear Cross
*Mini Chocolat
*Book Bash
*Double shot

Once a character runs out of SP don’t attack with it, just sit there looking stupid, that character will still buy you a round.

The following formation worked for me

E - Eclair
P - Prier
B - Bear
G - Giant Thing
C - Croix
A - Alouette
S - Sacrificial character


Hammer it with your strongest tech and with any luck you’ll kill it, if you don’t then just try again, it IS possible to beat it at your level. Also remember that the boss can randomly heal upwards of 450 HP per round, he doesn’t always do it, but if it happens then you might now be able to kill it, if that’s the case then just try again.

Who ever kills it will probably end up around level 40-45, a very respectable boost, and the you’ll a nice reward of about 100,000 prica, not to mention the special ending for that chapter (I think, haven’t finished chapter 8 yet).
However, the best part is that if you try the map again the Giant Thing is still there!!! Which means you can always try to kill it again if you like, it’ll be substantially easier this time, but still a challenge (you need to do the miracle chain again). You can keep fighting him as many times as you like, I’ve cleared the “Unknown Fear” 17 times and my characters went from an average of level 25 (ignoring monsters I don’t use) to an average of level 48 with Prier at level 60. You can also start boosting your mages once you getting to the high levels and start actually being able to hit him, he’s a great enemy to boost Monya-monya on (be sure to get her at the escargot crash site), I got my Saint to level 8 just by fighting the Giant Thing, and I’m actually doing about 100 damage now, very impressive considering his resistance.

After you beat the boss 4 or 5 times you can now try to fight him without doing the miracle chain, you’ll only get about half the money, but you’ll save a great deal of time. You can also try passing the triple money and triple XP surveys at the Rosenquee’s shop. I made about 300,000 prica on my last clear.

So not only can you greatly increase the level of your characters (after a few grueling battles to get the ball rolling), but you can also update your equipment, I’m working on buying a Thor and Odin Armor for all my fighters, a nice boost from my Bustier and Rosario shields.

I recently bought this game and think is great,and it really eats up your time.Unfortunatly Spoony can’t help you there im just in chapter 4 and haven’t even been on the dark world (Stupid Dragon Shrooms).

I have LP:T. I’ve put about 40 hours into it so far.

As for the Giant Thing, I got a bit lucky. During one of my rounds practicing miracles on the second jungle map, I came across a level 45 White Devil bear. So, naturally I purified and converted. Its base attack was 350. Now with the practicing miracles, I sorta powered Prier’s weapons up to having at least 220 attack each (>.>). So, when it came to the Giant Thing, I just equipped the weapons on the bear and he had about 1250 attack. So, I took the easy way out and just cast Braveheart on him three times the first two rounds followed by two each subsequent round with Allouette casting Cure. My bear went up to level 51.

However, given the strength of the Giant Thing, you should be able to pull off some insane miracles at higher levels. I mean, that thing has to be able to withstand two Ragnaroks, so if it does, followed by three Angelics, followed by Gospel or Requiem, that should get at least a 6000 chain bonus. Imagine that with Triple Gold.

Woot! I beat it! On my first attempt too, and by first attempt, I mean upon the first map which spawned suitable Dark Portals.

It was touch and go there for a bit, especially when the Giant Thing DIDN’T attack the weakest character (Eclair) and went after one of my most powerful characters (my Bear). Though I seem to have the devil’s own luck, as the Bear <i>dodged</i>, if that didn’t happen I likely would have lost. It was Croix, however, who nailed the finishing blow, and was thusly boosted up to Lv40. I now have a small fortune in my back pocket, and a really strong Demon Hunter.

Oh, and Darky, I recommend you at least finish chapter 8, you get the Goddess Ring for getting the Special ending, just a dandy little item that boosts every stat (except movement) by100! And allows growth in every stat x3. What a way to easily learn skills on characters…

Now then, to exploit this giant thing for all it’s Level-boosting benefits… :yipee:

I still need to finish Disgaea. And given how much else I have to do, that’ll probably be never.

I bought this game it’s first day out. Haven’t gotten around to it, still on Disgaea and some other games.