Kung Fu Panda II: The Kaboom of Doom

Oh yeah, they’re doing a sequel!! And guess who he is fighting this time- JEAN CLAUDE VAN DAMME!!

Well, a Van Damme voices a character in the movie, anyway. The real villain seems to be a… peacock? Voiced by Gary Oldman! Seriously!

There are several other celebrity voices in the movie (see the link) though I just want to hear Jack Black as Po again, he was a riot. No idea about the story yet other than Po going on a journey of self-discovery… though I know that many people just want to see the return of Tai Long (we didn’t actually him die in the first movie) apparently he’s got a lot of fans who feel sorry for him. I don’t, but he did make for a great villain, and I wouldn’t mind seeing him redeemed and reunited with his “father” Shifu if they went for it.

Btw, there is already a “prequel” of sorts on DVD, where Po tells some children the origins of the Furious Five. It was kinda average, but it’s nice to learn their individual backgrounds.

I’m really looking for to this animated movie, as well as the Superman parody Megamind (also from Dreamworks.)

That sounds pretty awesome. The first Kung Fu Panda was great. As for the villain, are you sure it’s not a phoenix? The Chinese version of these mythical birds do look like peacocks. Plus, they’re the symbolic “opposite” of a dragon.

Screw animated kung fu pandas.

We have to watch out for motherfucking kung fu bears IN REAL LIFE!

Hahahhaa, Van Damme wouldn’t do the Expendables, but he’d do this? Well this would make him more money, so…

The subtitle is lame. I’ll probably catch it when it comes on DVD. The first one wasn’t bad.