Kung Fu Hustle

I saw it yesterday and I have to say it was damn good. Dancing gangsters, middle-aged tourist kung fu masters, and a sort of quirky off-beat sense of humor that permeates the film. The fight scenes are well done too. This is definitely one of Stephen Chow’s better productions. I highly recommend it to anyone with a) a taste for comedy, b) a taste for kung fu movies, or c) a taste for middle-aged people beating the crap out of each other.

Though who would have c) is far beyond me. :no2:

lol i soberly want to see that. i think ill see it today. Ya i will.

I saw it yesterday, I thought the best part was the fight with the fight with the two harp players
Very cool and funny movie

I’ve been wanting to watch that. Too bad it’s not airing here.

Shaolin Soccer is better

God damn I want to see this movie. Stupid uni. >:(

It’s a good movie, but definitely not Stephen Chow’s best film. God of Cookery is still Chow’s best movie.

I was expecting it to be a bit different from the previews/commercials. It was still pretty funny though.

Okay, I saw a subbed version of this before it came out in the states at large, so I can’t comment on what was indubitably horrid dubbing (I love having a friend from Taiwan), and I have to say We watched the knife throwing scene and subsequent chase at least four times in one day, and it was just as funny each time.

And those gangsters are very well coordinated.

It 'twas subbed in theatres. No dubbing to be found.

And I agree with you. That [ see spoiler ] scene was great.

No dubbing? Nice. Too bad they didn’t think of that for <i>Shaolin Soccer</i>…convulsions