Kung Faux - Hip-Hop Dubbed Kung Fu Comedy

On MuchMusic/Fuse late Saturday nights and around 5:30 CST PM Sundays. Watch it, or feel some mutha WOOP WOOP boxcutter, sucka!


I tried watching that last weekend and didnt laugh really i dunno, it was just odd. Btw i likey your avvie ^ _ ^:moogle:

Which one? The girl or the guy?

Yeah, I think “comedy” isn’t the right word for it. Can’t quite place it. And last weekends episode wasn’t that “comedic”, except for the Drunk guy and the little retarded kid kickin’ ass. The best one yet probally is the one where this old master talks like Chong and always smoking something. Scene:

“Chong”: on top of heavy horsecart “Ok, the key is to, like, focus”

Pupil: tries to push horsecart down hill by punching it, but fails

“Chong”: “Ok, you’re not focusing, man”

Don’t know why, but I was bustin’ a gut laughin’ at that scene.

Your current avviedrools over your current avvie ^ _ ^; Hm maybe seeing that scene you described would have been at least a little amusing =).