KOTOR insanity

Well, looks like checking gamefaqs once in a while still has its advantadges. Here’s an interesting link I found there. Simply hilarious! XP
Just scroll down a little and you’ll see what I’m talking about. :hahaha;

And here’s another one, about the influence system. It’s ironic that they seem to have drawn this one with the same character model I used on my first playthrough. XD http://www.ctrlaltdel-online.com/?t=archives&date=2005-02-19


Kreia is the worst character I have ever met in an RPG. >_<

Everyone freaking picks the jesus look alike when they’re male, I swear.

Dude, it’s Jesus. What do you expect? :smiley:

Well, Jesus would be a good Jedi if you think about it. I mean, he already has the powers, and the Jedi credo down. All he needs is a sweet lightsabre and he’s all set

Darkside Jesus.

Yeah, that Jesus joke has been going around for a bit too. Personally, that model reminds me of Obi-Wan and Katarn, but there’s a certain Jesus-like element there. Another of the character models, the guy with the shaved head and the odd eyes, always makes me think about Shaolin monks.
And speaking of bearded Jedi, what if someone made a Gandalf model? Jesus and Gandalf, now that would be an ultimate team! XD

My friend just got it and said it’s pretty good. :moogle:

It’s too bad the release was rushed. Besides what they did to the ending, I think some Force powers are bugged. Speed and Armor don’t seem to give the defense boost they should, just the extra attacks and saving throw bonuses, respectively. Or at least there doesn’t seem to be anything different on the character screen when they’re active…

It’s annoying that there are literally no good caucasian heads. I like the new influence system and more roleplay-y approach to Dark/Light side. Now I can be dark side without being a total jerk! :smiley:

Now that you mention it, I was also a little disappointed with the reduced number of models. Besides, some of those player models get used in-game for other characters. Just look at the sleazy-looking merchant on Iziz, some of the guards there, and even one of the soldiers when the palace is invaded. Still, I guess this is a little better than the first game. I still remember that the Jedi trapped in the Star Forge’s batteries all looked exactly the same, not to mention the ones you saw along the way, getting slaughtered by Dark Jedi.

Darth Christ. Is what my roommate called his character.

Now some screenshots of that would be even funnier! :mwahaha:

I’m probably the only person on Earth that likes Kreia. I’m also the only one who didn’t like what parts of the removed ending I read (such as essentially the entire party being bumped off), although I would have liked to see the HK Factory and HK-47 kick G0-T0’s fat, robotic ass.

Oh, and the comics are cool. Sadly, it’s missing one the same person posted on the Obsidian Forums (I forgot what thread it’s in, sorry. I’ll link it if I find it).

<img src=“http://home.earthlink.net/~kindredsoul1/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/skin1.jpg”>

Just add lightsaber.

That doesn’t look very Darth-ish… yet. :stuck_out_tongue:
And Gallo, I think Kreia is quite interesting as a character. First of all, she seems quite insightful, and despite the fact that she’s Darth Treya and wants to bring about the death of the Force, her wisdom surpasses that of many Jedi Masters, who basically sat on their asses doing nothing while Mr. Nazgul face went around devouring planets, and worse, practically blamed the Exile for the whole mess and tried to cut him/her from the Force permanently on the LS variant, at which point Kreia owned their asses. She doesn’t seem to want the Exile to drift too far towards one of the extreme ends of the Force, and will bug you to no end if you do too much good or too much evil, but she shows that each decision can have great ramifications. So far, I think she is one of the Star Wars characters from which you learn more about the Force, and, for someone who’s trying to destroy it, I think she was qualified to be a Master. After all, she did train Revanin the very beginning. And her speech before the final meeting with the Jedi Council… well, she sounds like she’s proud of the exile for making it so far, and at the same time, I think there was a hint of sadness to it. The first time I played through the game, I saw that the whole Enclave scene had a sad touch to it. First of all, the music, and then the scene with Kreia, tired, sitting down and letting the exile go ahead and face the Council. The way she was talking sounded almost like a goodbye.
Kreia’s peculiar reaction to the exile is, as we learned, due to the fact that he/she turned away from the Force of his/her own choice, unlike Sion, and Nihilus, who were slaves to it to the very end. Zez-Kai Ell was getting close to the truth, although he started acting like a fool again in the end. There were flaws in the way the Masters trained other Jedi, perhaps even in their philosophy, but the Masters kept clinging to their positions, even after the mess with Exar Kun, Ulic Qel Droma, and then Revan and Malak. LS or DS, you’ll eventually realize that, since she gets pissed at you if you kill the Masters, saying you have failed her completely, but in LS, if they turn on you instead, she will condemn their arrogance and kill them on the spot. She wanted them to see what they were doing wrong, which they refused to admit.
Overall, Kreia’s role was touching, and her actions don’t seem Sith-like at all. The reason why she hated the Force was because it manipulated every living creature, causing countless deaths just to achieve some measure of balance.