KotoR 2

Sorry to say, but… If the ending you didn’t like was the one where the ship blasts off into space, then that’s the only one cheech. I played through as a goody-goody first time and got that when I finished. I thought it was all right, but hey, your mileage may vary.

2 freezes on Nar Shadaa, but other than that, no problems. Its not as bad as what happened to Galloway, but it does make me wonder if there’s something about Nar Shadaa to watch out for. Heads up people, save often. Thankfully, I haven’t lost "much’.

The freezes are random and happen at different points in the game randomly. I haven’t had too many freezes. I had one after a load screen on Peragus II (after you shoot all the guys from the turret and it shows Atton) and then another on I think Dantooine during a load screen. It saved just before the Atton one and would always freeze at that spot. I loaded a save I made just before I boarded the Ebon Hawk and it all worked fine. In my new game I haven’t had any freezes yet and I’m on my first planet.

You get the required light saber parts no matter what planet you go to first, you just gotta kill certian things or do certian quests. I went to Nar Shadaa first and got the lens there, mostly because I wanted the character from there.

Hmmm… let’s hope the bugs and crashes won’t get worse than that then…

The lamest thing ever was I made Mira a jedi, but she was already level 20 as scout at the time, so getting any jedi skills or powers for her sucks. She’s one of my favorite characters too. :\

She won’t listen to me! How’d you make her a Jedi? Did you gain influence on her through conversations, or actions?

Hey Info: what’s the dark side ending? The light side one was a tad disapointing. Essentially Kreia tells me everyone lived happily ever after and I get a somewhat neat movie of the Ebon Hawk flying out of a crumbling Malachor.

It’s basically the same thing. She tells you of how she’s been training you. After you kill her, she falls into the pit and the Ebon Hawk flies away from the planet. You don’t know what happens between G0-T0 and Remote (they have a little scene about how G0-T0 won’t let Remote do what Bao-Dur or whatever his naem his told him to do and how he has the advantage). You don’t know if the hero goes back to the Ebon Hawk. At least in the first one you ciould take over the galaxy and watch the Republic and Jedi die. In this one I don’t feel like much is accomplished or that I made the world bad.

I’m looking for some custom skins since the standard ones look like ass. Any ideas on where to look?

Yeah, uh… Ending… Yeah…

Anyway, I was screwing around with a save game editor, and apparently, all those doors in the mining place that you’re not supposed to be able to open until you go through certain events? Yeah, with a high enough Security skill they’ll open. Some error checking they did on this one. I assume it’s the same way for the rest of the game, but I don’t have a huge desire to even screw around with it now.

WTH , that’s the same bloody thing!!

Yeah, that is a problem I had with it. One thing is that nothing feels accomplished at the end of the game. In the first you either destroy the Republic and take over or you svae the Republic and get a hero’s welcome like in the movies. In this you run off and…run off. YAY! For both light and dark.

You run off and you don’t know what happens to the droids and I just don’t like the other characters’ lack of involvement in the ending. I feel there’s a lack of closure. Either way, your character doesn’t matter if supposedly, everyone lives ever after. Ergh. In KotoR 1, the good jedi even tried to kill you to stop you from joining the Dark Side. Your characters had an opinion and you impacted them. They interacted with you.

Excuse the semi-necro, but it beats making a new thread.

So I finally finished up a lightside playthrough. As expected, the ending sucked the cock. So I searched around on the net a bit, and lo and behold: http://tubertarian.com/kotor2missingcontent.php

There’s some fairly interesting stuff there, like HK-47 torturing a HK-50 unit.

And they just couldn’t include it in the final version -_-

I’m in a minority here, but I thought the ending was, for all intents and purposes, all right. I wasn’t horribly pissed at it, nor was I particulary overjoyed at it.

I would have loved to see the cut content (ESPECIALLY the HK factory), but last I heard, Lucasarts shot down Obsidian’s request for an expansion (which would have supposadely restored many of the deleted scenes). Strangely enough, Lucasarts also screwed the original release of the game over (they knocked the XBox release up four months, just so it could get out by Christmas). Strangely enough, the HK factory WAS almost done (and is even accesible via a modded XBox or a hacked save file for the PC version); had they been given the extra four months, I’m certain they would have finished the area, and maybe included some of the other areas.

I say we burn Lucasarts. Anyone wanna join?

Hell yeah! This was the emptiest ending I’ve ever seen, and Lucas Arts must be retarded to have butchered both KOTOR games like this!