KotoR 2

I love HK 47. He has a way of saying things that make me so happy. I’m glad he hasn’t changed from KotoR 1. Damn meatbags.

Statement: Hell yes.

Question: How well does this game stack up to the first one?

I only just started. Up to now, I can summarize it as more of the same. If you liked kotor, you’ll like this. If you didn’t like kotor, you won’t like this. The guys who replaced bioware didn’t change the fomula at all. The dynamics, combat and the way the story is told is all the same. Different worlds, different characters, different story.

The installer is calling out to me… but I still have Paper Mario 2 to finish. I am being torn apart by my internal struggle.

I just got the lightsaber.

Happiness :slight_smile:

points to avatar and title

That meatbags part includes YOU, Sin!

Tell me what happens when you get to Nar Shadaa. (I’m referring to my previous thread about how buggy that section was in the XBox version. If you get any crashes, complete drops in framerate, or a cursor that won’t let you target anything, go ahead and kill Obsidian and Lucsarts.) And do it early if you’re going light side; you REALLY want the character there first chance you get.

Oh, and the game kicks ass.

I just finished Nar Shadaa. No major, nor minor problems.

My allies’ AI is so fucking retarded, I almost want to cry.

Blargh, the PC version is expectedly buggy as all hell. I like it when sound doesn’t play causing entire conversations to be skipped, really.

I’m not having any problems on my laptop aside from AI stupidity.

I’m hitting Dantooine over Nar Shadaa first, I want a good lightsaber. And GOD, Kreia is such a Sith.

I went to Dantooine just to get the lens, left, went to Nar Shadaa, finished that, built my cool purple lightsaber. That’s right purple. Stop laughing, Purple owns.

Nobody’s laughing. We’re all just snickering. :hahaha;

But really it’s OK. I like violet lightsabers too. I would have all 3 characters outfitted with one, but there aren’t enough violet crystals in this game and there weren’t enough in the first one. So in the end I went with viridian for my main character and blue for my companions.

So, the PC version is relatively stable? I’ll need to check it out once I get the money.

GRAH!! How do I get my damn lightsaber?

You should go to Onderon, they drop them like nobody’s business over there. To get you first light saber you have get the parts and then talk to weird looking guy that calls you General. Lightsabers aren’t a plentiful in this game as they were in the first.

Did anyone else think that the dark ending was pretty disappointing, especially after one of the endings that the first game had. Like it really builds up and get cool and just falls flat. I’m doing light now, so I hope it’ll be better.

Go to Dantooine, go to the enclave, save the salvager, and ask him what he found. Ask him to be honest and then pay him for his findings. You’ll get a lens and a few crystals. Then, go to Nar Shadaa, go to the Docks, and there will be an Ithorian there, who says he can’t get his ship back. Tell him you’ll help in exchange for a power cell. Then go, to the Twilek who’s standing near Pylon 2 and offer to pay him the Ithorian’s debt. Then go back to the Ithorian, get your power cell, then talk Bao-Dur to build your lightsaber. Enjoy :slight_smile:

Why does that have to be so complicated x_X. Thanks though :D.

As in KotoR 1, I can’t help but notice how all too powerful force lightning is.